AT&T, Verizon to delay 5G rollout over FAA’s airplane safety concerns

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Two U.S. telecom companies agreed to delay their planned Dec. 5 rollout of a new 5G frequency band so they can work with the Federal Aviation Administration to address concerns about potential interference with key cockpit safety systems, according to one of the cellular carriers and people familiar with the matter. 

AT&T Inc. said in a statement it had agreed to delay its planned 5G deployment until Jan. 5 at the request of the Transportation Department. Verizon Communications Inc. also agreed to postpone its launch of the new 5G wireless spectrum by about a month, people familiar with the matter said.

The FAA had been planning to issue official mandates as soon as this week that would limit pilots’ use of certain automated cockpit systems such as those that help planes land in poor weather, according to government and industry officials familiar with the planned orders. Those limits would aim to avoid potential interference from wireless towers on the ground transmitting new 5G signals.

Such limits could result in disruptions to passenger and cargo flights in 46 of the country’s largest metropolitan areas where the towers are located as soon as early December, aviation industry officials have said. Telecom industry officials have pushed back against safety concerns, saying available evidence doesn’t support the conclusion that 5G networks will interfere with flight equipment.

The FAA, its parent agency the U.S. DOT and the Federal Communications Commission didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

AT&T said the company would “continue to work in good faith with the FCC and the FAA to understand the FAA’s asserted coexistence concerns.”

“It is critical that these discussions be informed by the science and the data,” AT&T said. “That is the only path to enabling experts and engineers to assess whether any legitimate coexistence issues exist.”

2 thoughts on “AT&T, Verizon to delay 5G rollout over FAA’s airplane safety concerns

  1. Critically important action must be taken to assure 5G will not interfere with key cockpit safety systems. All FCC safety guidelines must be re-evaluated now as they are following old 1990’s guidelines relevant to days before cell phones and 5G. The meteorologists, emergency traffic personnel and communication, and train use communication must also be evaluated to update technological safety, health safety and efficency. By all means, our residential communities must be safe from harmful 5G radiation and never be placed close to houses, nursing homes, childcare facilities, schools, libraries, hospitals, etc.

  2. Sure. My engineering physics, physician pilots brain, is absolutely convinced they can fix this in a month. No problem. GTFOOH. I can fix it a month. Gauranteed.
    But like the famous movie title says…”There Will Be Blood”…and High Voltage Sparks.
    People everywhere in the world, need to become familiar with what small cell 60GHz “5G” looks like. Document exact locations. All of them.
    As well as All common Cell tower locations. Many are obvious and out in the open. But others are hidden in Church steeples and schools for cash payments. There will come a time. I don’t know when. Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, the next decade. When ALL of these sites must be removed. At the same time. Hey, it’s just my opinion, Man.

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