Author Marks “International Holocaust Day” with Free Book Giveaway

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Holocaust historian Peter Winter has announced the free release on the internet of the latest version of his best-selling book The Six Million: Fact or Fiction in response to that book’s banning by Amazon and to mark “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” 2018.

Writing in a post on his personal blog, Winter said that he had “taken this step in response to the decision by Amazon worldwide to ban the book from sale on that platform, in response to agitation from assorted Jewish organizations, including the ADL and Yad Vanshem.  

“The Jewish organizations said in their pleas to Amazon to ban the book that the “threats against Jewish Community Centers” which were so rife in the US in 2017 were “evidence of rising anti-Semitism” and that therefore books like The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? needed to be removed from the public arena,” Winter continued.

“As everyone now knows, the ‘threats against the Jewish Community Centers’ all came from a Jew, Micheal Ron David Kadar, in Israel, who was only arrested after the US sent the FBI to that country, because the Israeli police had not acted against him.

“When he was arrested, it turned out he had over $250K in bitcoin, payment for the thousands of threats to Jewish centers all over the world, all very handily providing the excuse of “rising anti-Semitism” to ban books… Needless to say, when the US asked Israel to extradite Kadar, the request was refused.”

“So it turned out that it was all a set-up, albeit one with which Amazon played along willingly,” Winter continued.

“In reaction to this draconian and unwarranted censorship, I have waited until International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2018, to prepare and release free on the Internet the very latest updated edition of The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?

He then provided a link to an online version of the book, which also contains a PDF copy of the book for offline reading.

“The censors must know that we will never back down until this wall of lies collapses under its own weight. Banning books off Amazon is merely an indication of the fact that they know their claims cannot stand up to rational investigation. Now is the time to increase the pressure!” Winter concluded.

The link for the book can be found by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Author Marks “International Holocaust Day” with Free Book Giveaway

  1. “The censors must know that we will never back down until this wall of lies collapses under its own weight.”

    And what the author needs to know is that the stinking jews will never back down either, until all the ‘goyim’ are dead or enslaved.

    1. Maybe I misinterpreted… you were saying “darn” because it’s not a burnable book?

      Waking up too damn early these days, and not being able to get back to sleep… sometimes foggy results.

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