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The Babel Curse

Lost Horizons As long as the “tax honesty” community continues to embrace, or even just tolerate, a cacophony of unharmonious notions, the path to victory will continue to elude far too many good folks. SO, THE STORY GOES LIKE THIS: … Continue reading

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For Victims Of The “Ignorance Tax”, It’s The Blind Leading The Blind

Lost Horizons I RECEIVED AN EMAIL THE OTHER DAY from good American Dan Erickson, who shared a story we both thought would be of interest to others concerning a conversation he recently had with a Utah state worker: I own … Continue reading

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Jorge Ramos: America Is ‘Our Country, Not Theirs’—‘And We Are Not Going to Leave’

Breitbart – by Katie McHugh Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos declared on Friday that the United States belongs to Latino migrants, emphatically stating to a Spanish-speaking audience that “it is our country, not theirs.” Ramos took an unusual tack, pivoting from … Continue reading

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“Resistance Is Futile” Ohhhh, they SO much want you to believe that…

Lost Horizons WELL, HERE WE ARE, halfway through 2017’s primary season of truth versus lies. “Information returns” (W-2s, 1099s, and so forth) prepared in utter ignorance of their import and legal effect by accountants and business-owners across the country have … Continue reading

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Was Grandpa Really a Moron?

The Effects of a Social Security Number – by Peter Hendrickson TheEffectOfASSN

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Learn The Truth About The Income Tax

Lost Horizons Introduction A highly motivated student of the subject should find the information on this page sufficient for purposes of effectively guiding the remainder of their education regarding the “income” tax.  Understand that that education will require the seeking … Continue reading

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LIVE UPDATES about Oroville Dam, not MSM!

Investment Watch Been following this guy Sean D, he lives near the Dam and has been posting live videos on Periscope about Oroville’s situation. You can follow him here…  

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Obamacare And The Truth About The Income Tax

Lost Horizons – by Peter Hendrickson THE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MEN AND WOMEN in the CtC-educated community are the most typical of Americans in most respects. They are found in nearly every profession and calling. They are doctors, lawyers, … Continue reading

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Regarding Trolleries

Lost Horizons – by Pete FOR ALL THE YEARS SINCE 2003 when CtC was first published, the government has engaged in a concerted effort to frighten people away from its truths. This effort involves official government websites and press releases … Continue reading

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Is The Trump Administration Already Over?

Paul Craig Roberts Hopes for the Trump administration are not burning brightly. Trump’s military chief, Gen. Mattis, is turning out to be true to his “mad dog” nickname. He has just declared that Iran “is the single biggest state sponsor … Continue reading

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Trump Team Has Ties to Atlantic Coast Pipeline Now Being Pushed by White House

DeSmog – by Steve Horn On January 25, President Donald Trump’s team listed the Atlantic Coast pipeline among the White House’s top priorities for infrastructure projects, an attempt to deliver on his campaign promise to invest in U.S infrastructure programs. Of the 50 … Continue reading

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Pentagon strikes new F-35 deal with Lockheed after Trump involvement

Fox News The Trump administration announced Friday that the Pentagon has reached a tentative deal with Lockheed Martin for the purchase of 90 F-35 jets at the lowest price in the program’s history – saving the government millions, officials said. … Continue reading

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Rights Rights Baby

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Trump Warns Israel: Stop Announcing New Settlements

The Jerusalem Post – by Michael Wilner The White House warned Israel on Thursday to cease settlement announcements that are “unilateral” and “undermining” of President Donald Trump’s effort to forge Middle East peace, a senior administration official told The Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Moving Factories to America to Lower Costs… China Seeks A “Made in America” Label

Global Research – by Yizhu Wang When Donald Trump speaks about the barriers that US companies face, he often mentions a high corporate tax rate and the ability of other countries to produce more cheaply. Ironically, China, which most often … Continue reading

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Chicago Gang Leaders Want To Meet With Trump to reduce violent crime.

Investment Watch Dr. Darrell Scott, senior pastor of New Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, was a guest of Trump’s at an African-American History Month meeting at the White House. He said he is a “black Trump supporter,” and claimed … Continue reading

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Trump’s First Week: A Win for the Elite, a Loss for the People. “And it Does Not Look Good”

Global Research – by Joachim Hagopian My last article attempted to stay grounded in reality regarding the need to keep in check any expectation the Trump presidency will be any different from previous administrations, knowing whomever occupies the White House is simply … Continue reading

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The Trump-Media Circus and Continuity of Agenda

NEO – by Ulson Gunnar As the US media expertly divides the American public into pro and anti-Trump camps over cartoonish, unfounded personal accusations aimed at President-elect Donald Trump, Trump’s nominee for US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson confirmed before … Continue reading

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Trump Pick for Management & Budget Talks Raising Retirement Age

The New American – by Bob Adelmann Representative Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), President Donald Trump’s pick to head up the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), touched the famous “third rail” of American politics during his confirmation hearing on Tuesday. Testifying … Continue reading

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We Need a New Pledge of Allegiance


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