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Is Google’s search-engine now appallingly corrupt?

Washington’s Blog – by Eric Zuesse Here is the evidence I’ve come across which indicates to me that the Google search-engine is now appallingly corrupt, and for which reason I am seeking (and hope to see in reader-comments at sites … Continue reading

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Militia Member Aids Police in Arresting Protester at Portland Alt-right Rally

The Intercept – by Arun Gupta FOURTEEN PEOPLE WERE arrested at an alt-right rally in Portland, Oregon, last weekend. A man named Todd Kelsay helped with one of the arrests. In videos and photographs posted online, Kelsay can be seen on his … Continue reading

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‘Give cops back their bullets, remove their body cams’ says Miami Beach commissioner

Miami Herald – by Joey Flechas Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, a Miami Beach commissioner and congressional candidate, reacted to this weekend’s shooting in South Beach by blasting the city’s police chief in a strongly worded email obtained by the Miami Herald. … Continue reading

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Courts want the police and public to settle cases using smartphones

MassPrivateI Matterhorn Court Innovations, funded by the student-led Social Venture Fund housed in the Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Michigan, wants to make our injustice system even more of a joke by … Continue reading

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Drone usage by local police, fire departments quickly increasing

WTOP – by Neal Augenstein WASHINGTON — Approximately a dozen police, fire and emergency agencies surrounding Washington, D.C. are using drones to capture criminal suspects and fight fires, but the unmanned aircraft systems also are sparking privacy concerns and legislation. At … Continue reading

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Longmont Housing Authority invited police to search low-income apartments without warrants

9 News – by Kyle Clark LONGMONT, COLO. – Some powerful people in Longmont appear to have forgotten that the Constitution still exists. The Longmont Housing Authority says it was using the homes of low-income residents to train police drug … Continue reading

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Video shows cops kick innocent victim of fiery crash – by Caitlin Mota JERSEY CITY – In a new video of a fiery crash that critically injured a West New York man Sunday night, police officers are seen kicking and dragging the man — who sources say was a … Continue reading

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Trump Administration Will Allow Nursing Homes To Strip Residents Of Legal Rights

Consumerist The Trump administration has proposed revising a rule that hasn’t even gone into effect yet, with the goal of making sure that nursing home residents and their loved ones can not sue these long-term care facilities in the event … Continue reading

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Police sound cannons are just like flash bangs and concussion grenades

MassPrivateI Police use military sound cannons or Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD’s) on protesters, activists, motorists across the country. The U.S. military has been using sound as a weapon in Iraq and the Middle East for years. 

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Pittsburgh Forensic Pathologist Says JFK Assassination Investigation Is Far From Over

CBS Pittsburgh – by Julie Grant PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh forensic pathologist says the investigation into the JFK assassination is far from over. On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas. … Continue reading

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Police use non-profits and the public to pay for license plate readers and surveillance cameras

MassPrivateI Moraga, California residents have launched a ‘Community Watch’ campaign to raise money to purchase license plate readers and surveillance cameras that will spy on everyone. Law enforcement and the Moraga Community Foundation (MCF) want residents to donate $60,000 to … Continue reading

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I Was Taken From My Family and Jailed For 57 Days Because I Am Poor

ACLU – by Twanda Marshinda Brown “I don’t care if you have one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven kids.” This is what the judge told me when I tried to explain that I was a single mom with … Continue reading

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Dunkin’ Donuts claims trademark infringement by new North Attleboro coffee shop

The Sun Chronicle – by Kayla Canne NORTH ATTLEBORO — The phrase came almost in jest from a new customer, Steve Copoulos said. “Now that you’re back, I guess North runs on Mike’s,” he said. Copoulos thought the phrase was … Continue reading

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Here’s How To Track The Smartphone Apps That Are Tracking You

Fast Company – by Glenn Fleishman When it comes to websites, we have ever more sophisticated techniques at our disposal to block the ads that sometimes track our wanderings around the internet. But most of us spend much of our … Continue reading

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Inside Bilderberg Hotel Post Security Shakedown

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Police State Gets Big Boost If New Bill Passes!

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Nation’s Top Grocery Stores Get ‘D’ Grade on Antibiotic-Free Chicken, Says NRDC

Organic Authority – by Emily Monaco The Natural Resources Defense Council has assigned a “D” grade to America’s top five grocery store chains for their progress – or lack thereof – on the promotion of better antibiotic practices and antibiotic-free chicken offerings. … Continue reading

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Private security firm compared DAPL protesters to ‘jihadist insurgency’ – leaked documents

RT A private security firm which started out as a US military contractor and has been hired by the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to counter indigenous activists protesting its construction, has used “military-style counterterrorism measures,” the Intercept reports. The … Continue reading

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The Black and Blue Bill

Eric Peters Autos – by Eric Naturally, the solution to the problem of police abusing their authority is to hold them less accountable when they do exactly that. Leave it to “law and order” Republicans such as Texas Sen. John … Continue reading

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Man receives ticket after hitting 88 mph in his DeLorean

The Signal – by Samie Gebers When Spencer White’s DeLorean hit 88 mph on Highway 14, he didn’t go “Back to the Future.” Instead, he got a ticket. When Dr. Emmett Brown’s DeLorean time machine would hit 88 mph in the … Continue reading

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