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Former Texas Police Chief Accused of Drug Trafficking

Courthouse News – by Cameron Langford McALLEN, Texas (CN) – Federal agents arrested a South Texas police sergeant on charges he helped transport cocaine because he needed money for his constable election campaign, according to an indictment unsealed Monday. Geovani … Continue reading

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Police use ‘code words’ to warn fellow officers they are abusing citizens

MassPrivateI Imagine, asking a police officer to treat citizens with respect only to have them swear at you, taser and arrest you. When you ask why you’ve been arrested, they inform you that you are being charged with disorderly conduct … Continue reading

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Animal control officers to go door-door to make sure dog owners have paid their license fees

San Gabriel Valley Tribune – by Stephanie K. Baer Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control officials will begin canvassing West Covina residences early next month to check compliance with rabies vaccinations and dog licensing requirements. The campaign is … Continue reading

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Couple transporting grill injured after SUV explodes when wife lights up cig, cops say

Orlando Sentinel – by Christal Hayes A couple transporting a barbecue grill was injured Sunday after their SUV exploded, Orlando police said. Authorities say the crash happened about 3:30 p.m. near the entrance of the Central Florida Fairgrounds near Colonial … Continue reading

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Okmulgee County DA wants judge removed from all pending criminal cases for challenging truthfulness of police testimony

Tulsa World – by Samantha Vicent The Okmulgee County District Attorney has moved to disqualify one of the area’s two district judges from hearing all cases prosecuted by his office, saying the judge has a bias against law enforcement witnesses. … Continue reading

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1 in 5 L.A. community college students is homeless, survey finds

LA Times One in every 5 of the Los Angeles Community College District’s 230,000 students is homeless, and nearly two-thirds can’t afford to eat properly, according to a new survey commissioned by the system’s board of trustees. The study looked … Continue reading

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Atlanta police officer challenges owner of ‘no cops’ gym to a boxing match

Fox News Atlanta police officer Tommy LeFever explained why he challenged Atlanta gym owner Jim Chambers, who banned cops from his facility, to a boxing match. Since he opened the gym, Chambers has always had a “no cops” or military … Continue reading

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Washington state Supreme Court rules in favor of Seattle’s gun tax

Seattle Times – by Daniel Beekman The Washington state Supreme Court has upheld Seattle’s tax on gun and ammunition sales, according to an opinion issued Thursday morning. The justices ruled 8-1 to affirm a previous decision by King County Superior Court, which sided … Continue reading

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US Government & Press Lie Constantly, with Total Impunity

Strategic Culture – by Eric Zuesse The lies are usually about the most important policies and actions of the United States government regarding international relations — foreign policy matters, such as wars, treaties, and economic sanctions. In the past, they … Continue reading

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US Military Presence Overseas Mushrooming: Here, There and Everywhere

Strategic Culture – by Alex Gorka Around 200,000 US troops are stationed in 177 countries throughout the world. The forces use several hundred bases, more than 1,000 if the figure includes overseas warehouse and installations. The US may need more soon, with … Continue reading

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Costco is selling warrior cop children’s costumes for the baby paramilitary terrorist in your life

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Police departments across the country are acquiring ice cream ‘propaganda’ trucks

MassPrivateI Police departments across the country are acquiring ‘propaganda’ ice cream trucks to change their images. Why do I call them ice cream ‘propaganda’ trucks? The definition of propaganda according to and the Cambridge Dictionary says it all…  

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DAPL fusion center reports illustrate everything wrong with fusion centers

MuckRock – by Curtis Waltman When I asked the North Dakota State & Local Intelligence Center (NDSLIC), the state’s fusion center, for their threat assessments compiled during the Standing Rock NoDAPL protest movement, I was expecting more than a measly two assessments. Further, these … Continue reading

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The Latest Attempt To Win The Afghan War: Replace The Soldiers With Mercenaries

SHTF Plan – by Daniel Lang One of the most controversial aspects of the Iraq war was the heavy use of defense contractors, who were in many cases paid vast sums of money to do jobs that you’d think an … Continue reading

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Officer caught on camera punching suspect in Yuba City

KCRA 3 News – by Natalie Brunell YUBA CITY, Calif. (KCRA) — Police are investigating after a Yuba City officer was recorded on camera punching a suspect Monday afternoon, and some witnesses said they saw the suspect hit the officer first. … Continue reading

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Former police officer trains bouncers to treat customers as possible terrorists

MassPrivateI Robert Smith, a former police officer claims his company Nightclub Security Consultants (NSC) can detect possible terrorists in bars and nightclubs. Mr. Smith, claims his courtroom expertise, drug recognition, fake identification detection and alcohol consumption detection “can and will protect your business from … Continue reading

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Sidewalk signs added to anti-panhandling fight

Union Leader – by Paul Feely MANCHESTER — City police have unveiled their latest tool to discourage residents from giving money to panhandlers — sandwich-board sidewalk signs asking people to give to local charities instead. The signs, similar to those … Continue reading

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Police Push Tracking for Civilian Drones

Bloomberg – by Alan Levin At a recent apartment blaze in Oakland, California, a sheriff deputy directing firefighters with a drone-mounted video camera encountered a new hazard: a civilian quad copter that buzzed onto the scene. “It’s happened twice in the … Continue reading

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Dunkin’ Donuts Apologizes After Brooklyn Franchise Refuses to Serve Cops

NBC 4 New York The owner of a Dunkin’ Donuts plans to meet with two police officers who say they were denied service at his franchise in Brooklyn so that he can apologize in person, according to a police union … Continue reading

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How a bioterrorism drill turned into a vaccination debate at Hays CISD

KXAN – by Andy Jechow and Lauren Lanmon HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The vaccination debate unexpectedly came to the Hays CISD Facebook page on Monday following two posts about a planned “emergency response and mass vaccination drill” at Hays … Continue reading

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