The national farm to school movement has grown so fast that it is challenging traditional notions of city planning, and a Clayton County preschool is at ground zero in the conflict.

The Little Ones Learning Center in Forest Park has a nationally recognized garden-based education program. In 2015, it merited a visit by then-first lady Sandra Deal, who watched the children tasting fresh juice. “It was a treat to see your early learning center practicing good nutrition with a bountiful garden,” she wrote in a letter to the school.  Continue reading “Preschool growing fruits and veggies ordered by city to stop sales”

LA Times

The Banditos walked around the East Los Angeles sheriff’s station handing trainees empty envelopes with a request: By the end of the day, fill them with money.

They’d sometimes get up to $2,000 at a time, so-called “taxes” they’d later use for a vacation to Thailand and other personal expenses.  Continue reading “Sheriff’s deputies sue county, accusing Banditos colleagues of beatings, withholding backup”


Over the past few years, I have received a lot of flak from anonymous commenters about a few stories I wrote that discussed paramedics and firefighters training for urban warfare.

But recent stories, like this one, reveal something that even the most die-hard defenders of first responders cannot deny: armed doctors, paramedics and firefighters could soon be showing up at your doorstep to arrest someone.  Continue reading ““Tactical Doctors, Paramedics And Firefighters” Are Excited To Arrest People”


ORLANDO, Fla. (CNN/WKMG) — A Florida grandmother was shocked to find out her 6-year-old granddaughter had been arrested Thursday for throwing a tantrum.

Meralyn Kirkland says Kaia’s journey to the juvenile detention center by Orlando Police Officers began at Lucious and Emma Nixon Elementary charter school.  Continue reading “Florida grandmother outraged after 6-year-old arrested for ‘tantrum’”

Reason – by Jacob Sullum

Attorney General William Barr is reportedly floating a proposal to expand background checks for gun buyers that is similar to an unsuccessful 2013 bill sponsored by Sens. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) and Patrick Toomey (R–Pa.). The proposal would require background checks for “all advertised commercial sales, including gun sales at gun shows.”  Continue reading “Here Are the Problems With the Attorney General’s Plan To Expand Background Checks for Gun Buyers”

Dallas Morning News

When Amber Guyger’s murder trial begins a week from Monday, the jury won’t be deciding whether she killed Botham Jean.

The fact that she pulled the trigger isn’t in dispute. Jurors instead must decide whether killing the unarmed 26-year-old accountant in his own apartment was a crime. And if so, what crime?  Continue reading “How will Amber Guyger’s attorneys defend her in murder trial for killing Botham Jean?”


Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have become partners in Big Brother’s ever expanding public surveillance program.

Home Depot’s “You Can Do It. We Can Help” slogan should really say, “We Can Do It. We Can Help Big Brother.” And Lowe’s “Do It Right For Less. Start At Lowe’s” slogan should say, “Doing It Right And Identifying Every Customer, Starts At Lowe’s.” Continue reading “Home Depot And Lowe’s Accused Of Scanning Millions Of Customers Faces”

USA Today

It’s not your typical TV public service announcement.

In what looks like a typical American middle school, a boy flaunts orange zippers on his backpack, flashing a smile full of braces. Then, somewhere down the hall – Pop. Pop. Pop. Students run for their lives. A young girl hides in a bathroom stall, crying silently as she types, “I love you mom” on her smartphone.  Continue reading “Latest Sandy Hook Promise PSA gives nightmarish look at school shootings”


A sheriff in North Carolina has been charged with aiding an unsuccessful plan to murder a former deputy who had a recording of the sheriff saying “racially insensitive” things, according to a felony indictment released Monday night.

Sheriff Brindell Wilkins of Granville County was recorded in a 2014 phone call with a “well-known” third party endorsing that person’s plan to murder the former deputy, Joshua Freeman, according to prosecutors. Voicing a fear that Freeman would soon release the tape of the sheriff saying racist things, Wilkins allegedly told the person on the call that “the only way you gonna stop him is kill him.”  Continue reading “North Carolina Sheriff Allegedly Tried to Plan Murder of Deputy Who Had Recording of Him Saying Racist Things”


It is hard to imagine a more intrusive home surveillance device than a faucet or toilet that listens to everyone’s conversations, but that is just what Delta Faucet and Kohler have done.

Delta Faucet’s “Voice IQ” takes advantage of where lots of people like to congregate and turns it into an Alexa eavesdropping center.  Continue reading “Smart Faucets And Toilets Use Alexa To Listen To Your Conversations”

Fox 59

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer has been charged after a video surfaced of a confrontation involving the officer and an IPS student.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said charges against Officer Robert Lawson include battery, obstruction of justice, perjury, false informing and official misconduct. The battery and false informing charges are misdemeanors while the obstruction of justice, perjury and official misconduct charges are felonies.  Continue reading “IMPD officer accused of punching IPS student charged with battery, false informing”

The Denver Channel

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – A 26-year-old man is suing multiple Lakewood police officers and alleging they ordered a K-9 to attack him while he slept at his home, leaving him with severe cuts across his throat that nearly killed him.

Spencer Erickson’s attorneys filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Colorado in Denver on Friday.  Continue reading “‘Near murder:’ Lawsuit says police ordered K-9 to attack Lakewood man as he slept in his room”

The Daily Gazette – by Steven Cook

SCHENECTADY — A city man got into an idling Schenectady police SUV early Sunday and moved it in what he soon told officers was a “joke,” authorities said this week.

However, he soon found himself charged with multiple felonies, though a prosecutor said the specific allegations appeared to merit a less-serious charge.  Continue reading “Police: Man moved Schenectady police SUV as ‘joke,’ is arrested”

Click Orlando

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange County Sheriff’s Office patrol corporal wounded himself Wednesday when he accidentally fired his weapon during a training exercise, officials said.

Sheriff John Mina said the deputy was at a department training facility on Wewahootee Road around 10:30 a.m. when he accidentally shot himself.  Continue reading “Orange County deputy accidentally shoots himself while training”

NBC 10

A former Montgomery County Sheriff’s Officer pleaded guilty to child pornography charges.

Matthew Laver, 38, of Souderton, Pennsylvania, entered a guilty plea Monday to multiple counts of distribution, receipt and possession of child pornography.  Continue reading “Former Montgomery County Sheriff’s Officer Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography”


Americans have never seen such a blatant and misleading excuse to use surveillance planes to spy on everyone, quite like what is happening in Maryland.

Two days ago, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan sent a letter to the Mayor of Baltimore and the Baltimore Police Department agreeing to send funds to help the city fight crime. Continue reading “Baltimore Governor’s Three Year Plan To Use Surveillance Planes To Monitor The Public”


Our worst fears about automatic license plate readers (ALPR) are much worse than we could have imagined.

Two months ago, I warned everyone that police in Arizona were using ALPR’s to “grid” entire neighborhoods. But this story brings public surveillance to a whole new level.  Continue reading “Massive 30 State, Real-Time ALPR Database Revealed”

Of Two Minds – by Charles Hugh Smith

Either we root out every last source of rot by investigating, indicting and jailing every wrong-doer and everyone who conspired to protect the guilty in the Epstein case, or America will have sealed its final fall.

When you discover rot in an apparently sound structure, the first question is: how far has the rot penetrated? If the rot has reached the foundation and turned it to mush, the structure is one wind-storm from collapse.  Continue reading “How Deep Is the Rot in America’s Institutions?”


ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — The government’s watchlist of more than 1 million people identified as “known or suspected terrorists” violates the constitutional rights of those placed on it, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

The ruling from U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga grants summary judgment to nearly two dozen Muslim U.S. citizens who had challenged the watchlist with the help of a Muslim civil-rights group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  Continue reading “US judge: Terror watchlist violates constitutional rights”

Huffington Post

Two former detectives with the New York City Police Department avoided jail time this week after being accused of kidnapping and raping an 18-year-old Brooklyn woman in a police van in 2017.

Former Brooklyn South narcotics detectives Eddie Martins, 39, and Richard Hall, 34, received five years’ probation on Thursday after cutting a plea deal in March. The officers, who were originally charged with rape, sexual assault and kidnapping, pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree bribe receiving and nine counts of official misconduct. Continue reading “No Jail Time For Former NYPD Detectives Accused Of Raping Teen In Police Van”