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Do You Have a First Amendment Right to Flip Off the Cops?

Reason – by Christian Britschgi The Indiana branch of the American Civil Liberties Union is fighting for your constitutional right to flip off the cops. Last week the group filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mark May of Vigo County, … Continue reading

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Law enforcement uses smart meter parking apps to spy on everyone

MassPrivateI As more and more cities and towns privatize everything, the use of smart meter parking apps (SMPA) continues to grow. Which is a good thing right? Wrong, cities and towns are using SMPA’s like ParkMobile, StreetLine, ParkMe, Park Smarter and SmartParking to collect all kinds of … Continue reading

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Want to Make an Untraceable Handgun at Home? Cody Wilson Can Help.

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Hawaii police officers accused of making man touch urinal

Yahoo News HONOLULU (AP) — The FBI is investigating four Honolulu police officers who are accused of forcing a man to place his mouth on a urinal inside a public restroom, according to the police department’s top official. Honolulu Police … Continue reading

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NYPD cops take $30G worth of booze, $10G in cash from Bronx business owner during weapons search

New York Daily News – by Shayna Jacobs Blame it on the alcohol? Police stole $30,000 worth of booze as part of an illegal seizure at a Bronx restaurant — along with $10,000 in cash from the owner’s adjacent business, … Continue reading

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California’s War On Off-Grid Independent Homes – Residents Made Homeless By Rogue Govt

Natural Blaze – by Brandon Turbeville California has been at it again, proving to everyone in the country that the state most loudly proclaiming to be the leader against CO2, the disproven boogeyman of “Climate Change,” is really not interested … Continue reading

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Does the news ever feel like the same thing over and over and over again?

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Big Brother wants to force police to submit fingerprints to prove they showed up for work

MassPrivateI In what can best be described as ironic, Big Brother is finally turning their sights on law enforcement. After years of abuse, the city of Baltimore wants to purchase fingerprint scanners for the police. An article in the Baltimore Sun reveals, … Continue reading

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6 Classic Ways Cops Spin the Media to Hide Their Abuses of Power

AlterNet – by Adam Johnson The linguistic gymnastics needed to report on police violence without calling up images of police violence is a thing of semantic wonder. Officers don’t shoot, they are merely “involved” in shootings; victims are not victims, … Continue reading

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New Details Alleged in Scheme to Make Millions Off First Border Wall in Texas

ProPublica – by Kiah Collier, T. Christian Miller The kickback scheme was allegedly hashed out over weeknight drinks at a steakhouse in a border county in south Texas. Amid surf and turf and expensive scotch, a Hidalgo County official said … Continue reading

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No warrant needed for police departments to share your license plate data

MassPrivateI A recent story about automatic license plate readers (ALPR) revealed that police departments in numerous states share your license plate data without a warrant. Three days ago an article in the Orange Leader, revealed how police in Texas share motorists ALPR … Continue reading

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Baltimore Cops Kept Toy Guns to Plant Just in Case They Shot an Unarmed Person

The Root – by Michael Harriot In April 2016, a 13-year-old boy was shot by officers of the Baltimore Police Department. The boy ran when faced with the police, so they gave chase. During the chase, the police spotted the … Continue reading

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Notice more police officers out writing tickets? HPD explains why

KHON 2 News Have you noticed more police out giving tickets on freeways and roads? The Honolulu Police Department tells us thanks to federal grant money, it’s able to step up traffic enforcement by using the money to pay for officers’ … Continue reading

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How a salty snack led to the evacuation of a county courthouse – by Michaelangelo Conte JERSEY CITY — Popcorn smoldering in a microwave oven caused the evacuation of hundreds of people, including prisoners, from the Hudson County Administration Building in Jersey City this afternoon. A source told The Jersey Journal popcorn … Continue reading

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NHTSA Says Federal Law Requires Ticket Quotas

The Newspaper Federal regulators are refusing to budge when it comes to requiring local police forces to use ticket quotas. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Thursday finalized the procedures local police departments use to receive their share … Continue reading

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Texas woman who said she was being stalked shot dead by police

Fox News A Texas woman who called 911 on Saturday saying she was being stalked was shot and killed by a San Antonio police officer during a brief struggle in a home, authorities said. The unidentified woman, said to be … Continue reading

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Google is using 46 billion data points to predict the medical outcomes of hospital patients

Quartz – by Dave Gershgorn Some of Google’s top AI researchers are trying to predict your medical outcome as soon as you’re admitted to the hospital. A new research paper, published Jan. 24 with 34 co-authors and not peer-reviewed, claims better … Continue reading

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Will Everything Stay in New Orleans if Cameras Capture It All?

New York Times – by Richard Fausset NEW ORLEANS — Can the allure of this famously rakish and freewheeling city survive if its streets are blanketed by a 1,500-camera video monitoring system? Will inhibitions start to creep in and diminish … Continue reading

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Drug Companies Sell Us Remedies for Problems Caused by Their Own Products—And the Federal Government Helps Them

AlterNet – by Kate Harveston Like most folks, you dutifully rub shampoo into your hair daily or a few times each week. After it strips out your hair’s natural moisture and liveliness, you apply a conditioner to get that moisture … Continue reading

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Ex-cop in Corey Jones shooting death bases ‘stand your ground’ claim on Broward deputy’s successful case

Sun Sentinel Have police officers really joined the ranks of the general public when it comes to avoiding criminal charges by invoking Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense law? Ex-Palm Beach Gardens cop Nouman Raja, who shot and killed stranded motorist Corey Jones in … Continue reading

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