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Appeals Court: Police can violate our rights without fear of being sued

MassPrivateI For those of you that claim we don’t live in a police state, I give you this recent Michigan Appeals Court ruling. In 2015, Deputy James Dawson went to Joshua Brennan’s home and knocked on his door trying to obtain … Continue reading

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Researchers Have Discovered a Way to Track 3D Printed Guns

Next Gov – by Caitlin Fairchild One of the key reasons policymakers and law enforcement agencies find 3D printed guns worrisome is their so-called “untraceable” nature, but researchers may have found a way to match a gun to a printer. Unlike … Continue reading

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LA Passes Ordinance Requiring City Contractors To Disclose NRA Ties

CBS Los Angeles LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – City contractors who have ties to the National Rifle Association must now disclose them, under a motion passed unanimously Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council. The motion, approved by a 10-0 vote, does … Continue reading

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Trump Announces He’s a Few Weeks From Banning Bump Stocks

Tenth Amendment Center – by Joe Wolverton, II President Donald Trump promises that he is “just a few weeks” from issuing regulations that would outlaw bump fire stocks. “We’re knocking out bump stocks,” Trump said at a White House news … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Catches Mississippi Traffic Cop In A Lie

The Newspaper A federal court on Tuesday threw out felony charges against a motorist who was pulled over by a police officer who was caught stretching the truth. Cederic Gordon was driving his dark blue GMC Yukon on Highway 51 … Continue reading

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“Covert” facial recognition street lights coming to a neighborhood near you

MassPrivateI A recent Reuters article reveals that ST Engineering has been awarded $5.5 million to install facial recognition street lights in Singapore. ST’s smart street lights come equipped with sensors, LED screens and covert cameras already installed.  

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What does a pot sobriety test look like? | 22 Minutes

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“Smart” meters are wildly inaccurate: Study finds that readings can be 581% higher than actual use

Natural News – by Tracy Watson A smart meter is an electronic device that records the amount of electricity consumed by a household and then relays that information to the electricity supply company for monitoring and billing. That might sound like a really smart, energy-efficient … Continue reading

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Man shot after triggering own booby trap while feeding squirrels at North Carolina home

KFOR CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina man who booby-trapped his backdoor with a shotgun shot himself when he opened the door, according to deputies. WCNC reported that the 68-year-old man seriously injured himself with his own booby trap at about … Continue reading

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Police use electronic ticketing to fine more people and increase profits

MassPrivateI The opening seconds of the Saltus Technologies video says it all. Electronic tickets are about one thing, increasing productivity (profits). “The digiTICKET electronic ticketing solution is an innovative force multiplier for Public Safety – enabling officers to quickly create and submit … Continue reading

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“People just can’t know that.” MO Sen. McCaskill Hides Agenda Including “semi-automatic rifle ban” from Moderate Voters, Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it “could hurt her ability to get elected.”

Project Veritas Action (St. Louis) Project Veritas Action Fund has released a third undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season. This report exposes how incumbent Senator McCaskill and individuals working on her campaign conceal their liberal views on issues … Continue reading

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Video Shows SSM Hospital Security Guard Taking Down Patient

Riverfront Times – by Sarah Fenske In July, 25-year-old Vanity Allen checked in to SSM Health DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton for stomach pain — only to be left bloodied by one of the hospital’s security guards. Now surveillance footage obtained by her … Continue reading

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Michigan Bill Would Allow Customers to Opt Out of Smart Meters, Undermine Federal Program

Tenth Amendment Center – by Mike Maharrey LANSING, Mich. (Oct. 12, 2018) – A bill introduced in the Michigan Senate would allow customers to opt out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses without penalty. Passage of this … Continue reading

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Smart Home Surveillance: Governments Tell Google’s Nest To Hand Over Data 300 Times

Forbes – by Thomas Brewster Anyone pumped for this week’s launch of Google’s Home Hub might want to temper their excitement. A smart home is a surveilled home. That’s been the concern of privacy activists since citizens started lighting up their abodes … Continue reading

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Police facial recognition body cams can be edited by law enforcement

MassPrivateI Soon nowhere will be safe from Big Brother’s prying eyes. Imagine walking down Main St., and seeing officer friendly approaching you. As the officer approaches you, he or she has already scanned your face against a 15 million person database and … Continue reading

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He held an unloaded gun off-campus. His school didn’t like it

The College Fix – by Daniel Payne Administrators at Long Island University Post recently called a student into a meeting after that student posted photos of himself on Facebook legally handing unloaded firearms at an off-campus event. The meeting occurred … Continue reading

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5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves as Pentagon Crowd Control System

Waking Times – by Terrence Newton The global rollout of 5G is well underway, and we soon may see new small cell towers near all schools, on every residential street, dispersed throughout the natural environment, and pretty much everywhere. But … Continue reading

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Leesburg man made teeth grills at home without dentistry license, police say

WFTV 9 LEESBURG, Fla. – A 26-year-old man on Friday was arrested on charges of practicing dentistry without a license, the Leesburg Police Department said. Investigators said Allen Turner had been making custom molds for dental grills at his home. Turner … Continue reading

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Lawsuit: KSP trooper attacks man after Facebook post

WDRB 41 News – by Jason Riley LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WDRB) – Shortly after he was pulled over by a Kentucky State Police trooper on Sept. 16 near his home in eastern Kentucky last year, David Gabbard said he wrote a … Continue reading

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Facebook wants people to invite its cameras into their homes

Yahoo News SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Facebook is launching the first electronic device to bear its brand, a screen and camera-equipped gadget intended to make video calls easier and more intuitive. But it’s unclear if people will open their homes … Continue reading

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