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Nobody Wants to Talk About What Many Mass Shooters Have in Common

Anti-Media – by Carey Wedler In the aftermath of yet another mass shooting in the United States, the internet and broadcast news alike are inundated with commentary about why this keeps happening in America. Some blame guns, others blame mental … Continue reading

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Electric ride share scooters spy on your face and much more

MassPrivateI A recent article in CNN reveals that Santa Monica, California became the first city in America to have an electric scooter-share system. A start-up company created by former Uber and Lyft executive Travis VanderZanden, called Bird allows residents to rent electric scooters. But a … Continue reading

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Florida Deputies Will Now Carry Rifles On School Grounds: Broward Sheriff

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Broward County Deputies will begin carrying rifles on school grounds in the wake of last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, according to Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. “This morning, I implemented … Continue reading

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This Is What Extreme Security In “America’s Safest School” Looks Like

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Welcome to Southwestern High School in suburban Indiana, where the classrooms door are bullet-resistant…  

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“heroes” Value Their Privacy – But Not Ours

Eric Peters Autos Here’s a video showing some “heroes” unhappy about a pair of guys taking video of the outside their nest – which is public property and which the citizens therefore have every legal right to take video of. But the … Continue reading

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Saginaw requires businesses to install security cameras within a year

MLive SAGINAW, MI — Businesses in the city of Saginaw have until March 1, 2019, to install three security cameras at each building and put up parking lot lights. Saginaw City Council members unanimously passed an ordinance on Monday, Feb. 19, … Continue reading

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AnyVision’s facial recognition cameras are being installed in ‘smart cites’ everywhere

MassPrivateI Everywhere you turn politicians and corporations are trying to convince the public we need to convert our cities into ‘smart cities’. Last week AnyVision and Nvidia announced that they are working together to put facial recognition cameras in cities across the globe.  

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Cashless tolls horror stories: ‘I wept,’ woman says as she takes from IRA to pay bill

Lohud – by Peter D. Kramer Editor’s note: The implementation of cashless tolling in the Lower Hudson Valley has brought howls of complaints from drivers who have told us horror stories. Some say they’ve never received bills, only to face thousands … Continue reading

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Former CIA Chief Admits US Meddling In Foreign Elections “For Their Own Good”

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Hawaii bill would require background checks for parents who homeschool

College Fix Legislation has been introduced in the Hawaii State Senate which, if passed, would require homeschooling parents to undergo background checks. State Senator Kaialii Kahele’s bill is a reaction to several “high-profile abuse cases,” according to World’s Leigh Jones. The state’s … Continue reading

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Texas rancher sues feds, state after finding surveillance camera on his property

San Antonio Express – by Jason Buch and Joana Santillana LAREDO — A long-running feud between a South Texas rancher and the Border Patrol has escalated into a civil lawsuit after the rancher confiscated a surveillance camera he found on … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Truck Music Is Racist (Samantha Bee)

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Public Utility Avoids Fixing Damage by Paying Fancy Law Firm Triple the Money

Judicial Watch To dodge its obligation, a state utility company paid a fancy law firm triple the amount of money required to fix damages caused by one of its trucks. It’s yet another example of government wasting taxpayer dollars, a … Continue reading

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Police: Man pointing gun at his own head killed by officers

Yahoo News WILLISTON, Vt. (AP) — A distraught man who was pointing a pistol at his own head was shot by police as he walked toward two officers next to a busy interstate and refused repeated commands to drop the … Continue reading

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We had a great day at the park with our autistic son, until someone called the police

Washington Post – by May Cobb It had been a good day at the park. A miracle day, in fact, for our family. Our 5-year-old son, who is moderately autistic and prone to violent outbursts and self-injurious behavior, had sailed … Continue reading

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Surveillance system or public-safety tool? Seattle dismantles controversial wireless mesh network

Seattle Times – by Brendan Kiley Seattle’s wireless mesh network, a node of controversy about police surveillance and the role of federal funding in city policing, is coming down. Megan Erb, spokeswoman for Seattle Information Technology, said the city has … Continue reading

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The Department of Labor Buried Evidence Showing It’s Set to Steal Billions in Workers’ Wages

Talk Poverty – by Rebecca Vallas Last week, President Trump’s Department of Labor (DOL) hid an internal analysis that showed that its so-called tip-pooling rule would allow employers to pocket billions in workers’ tips. They claimed that they were “unable to quantify” the rule’s effects. But … Continue reading

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EWEB decides customers must ‘opt out’ if they oppose ‘smart’ meters

Register Guard – by Christian Hill Eugene Water & Electric Board commissioners changed course and adopted an “opt out” policy for so-called smart meters with a unanimous vote Tuesday night. The decision means customers will have to contact EWEB and … Continue reading

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Witness sketch proves useful, helps police ID market theft suspect: police

Penn Live – by Wesley Robinson An amateur witness sketch proved to be no laughing matter after authorities were able to identify a man accused of a theft last month. Hung Phouc Nguyen was identified, in part, thanks to the sketch drawn … Continue reading

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‘Who Steals a House?’ Missing Texas Home Repossessed Down to ‘Blocks and Pipes’

Sputnik Four days after reporting their Texas vacation home missing, Jo and Lonnie Harrison were informed Tuesday that it had been repossessed. Turns out the Madisonville home that the Harrisons purchased as part of a land deal in November 2017 was moved to a new … Continue reading

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