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Off-duty St. Louis officer injured by ‘friendly fire’ after police chase of stolen car

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – by Christine Byers and Nassim Benchaabane ST. LOUIS • An off-duty officer was wounded by “friendly fire” as police looked for suspects after a stolen vehicle fled police and crashed late Wednesday. The injured off-duty officer was treated … Continue reading

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Monitors Slam Oakland Police in Officers’ Sex Scandal

Courthouse News – by Helen Christophi OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) — Oakland’s former police chief tried for six months to muzzle allegations that multiple officers sexually exploited an underage girl, and encouraged his department to drop its internal probe of the … Continue reading

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Cites across the country are using street lights equipped with microphones and surveillance cameras to spy on everyone

MassPrivateI According to an article in the Mercury News, the City of San Jose, California is letting anyCOMM install 300-1,000 street lights equipped with surveillance cameras and microphones on their streets. “The council ultimately voted 7-4 to allow anyCOMM, a tech … Continue reading

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Where Were You In 1982?

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Solano County Sheriff’s Deputies Wrangle, Offer ‘Verbal Counseling’ to Wayward Llama

NBC Bay Area A llama caused some drama in Vacaville on Monday. After the animal got loose from its pasture, two deputies with the Solano County Sheriff’s Office were forced to “think outside the box to coax this llama out … Continue reading

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Report on ‘Children’ Killed by Guns Hypes Accidents, Which Are Rare and Declining

Reason – by Jacob Sullum “Guns Kill Almost 1,300 US Children Annually,” says the headline over a CNN story that begins with the case of a third-grader accidentally shot in the stomach at school by another student, describes a baby accidentally … Continue reading

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Mom ticketed after 1-year-old locked in hot car; police say it’s not an overreaction to a ‘dangerous situation’

Omaha World Herald – by Michael O’Connor and Emerson Clarridge A toddler locked in a hot car. Omaha police say it’s a potentially deadly circumstance, and one reason a local mother was ticketed Tuesday on suspicion of child abuse by neglect. … Continue reading

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Next Generation 911 centers spy inside homes and businesses

MassPrivateI According to an article in the Telegraph, Houston County’s $46.5 million dollar 911 center allows police to spy inside homes and businesses. “If the alarm goes off at your business, 911 operators will be able to view a live video stream … Continue reading

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Federal law has South Carolina cops searching cars on interstates for drug money

Post and Courier – by David Slade When Hampton County sheriff’s deputies found $1.7 million stashed in secret compartments of a sport utility vehicle during a traffic stop on Interstate 95, the department confiscated the money and the SUV. The … Continue reading

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$15 For 15 Minutes: How Courts Are Letting Prison Phone Companies Gouge Incarcerated People

The Intercept – by Victoria Law WHEN MARY SHIELDS was first sent to prison, her daughter was too young to understand why their phone calls would cut off mid-conversation and why she would not hear from her mother again for days. Shields … Continue reading

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Why Mainstream Media Represents the View of Billionaires … Instead of Average Americans

Washington’s Blog We noted yesterday that the Washington Post is owned by one of the world’s richest guys, worth $72.8 billion  … and who may soon become THE world’s richest. And you probably won’t hear it from the New York Times, but … Continue reading

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CIA has been hacking into Wi-Fi routers for years, leaked documents show

ZD-Net – by  Zack Whittaker Leaked secret documents have revealed that the CIA has been targeting and compromising home, office, and public wireless routers for years in an effort to carry out clandestine surveillance. The documents, which could not be … Continue reading

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Cops to be equipped with portable breathalyzers that use facial recognition

MassPrivateI Hitachi, is field testing a portable breathalyzer that uses facial recognition. Field testing, means cops will be given free portable breathalyzers to use on our streets and highways. Portable breathalyzers have a checkered history and are notoriously inaccurate. Not … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Accuses Private Prison Company of Illegally Funding a Trump Super-PAC

Mother Jones – by Samantha Michaels It’s no secret that President Donald Trump has been very good for private prison executives. After the Justice Department announced earlier this year that it would continue using private lockups—a reversal of an Obama … Continue reading

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Yahoo selling out to Verizon, the NSA surveillance front-end that spies on everyone

NewsTarget – by D. Samuelson The billion or more Yahoo accounts that were hacked in two separate cyber attacks didn’t dissuade Verizon from purchasing the security frazzled company, although the price was shaved by $350 million in Verizon’s final bid of $4.5 billion, reports … Continue reading

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Are Proxy Armies Coming To America?

Activist Post – by Bernie Suarez When we think of proxy armies and the arming of civilians, we think mostly of the US government meddling in other countries particularly in the Middle East. We also think of (the late) Zbigniew … Continue reading

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KCK man who robbed bank to get away from wife sentenced to home confinement, community service

Fox 4 KC KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — A 71-year-old man who said he robbed a Kansas City, Kansas, bank so he could get away from his wife blamed his actions on depression. A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced Lawrence … Continue reading

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Army Colonel teaching churches, schools and police the joys of killing

MassPrivateI In what can only be described as an obscene joke, that’s being played out in schools, churches and police departments across the country. David Grossman, a former Army Colonel is teaching thousands of people about the psychology of killing. “Cops fight … Continue reading

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Permission Not Required: North Carolina House Passes “Constitutional Carry” Bill

Tenth Amendment Center – by Mike Maharrey RALEIGH, N.C. (June 12, 2017) – Last week, the North Carolina House passed a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would make it legal for most North Carolinians to carry a firearm without a license, … Continue reading

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The DEA’s Warrantless Cash Grab

Reason – by C.J. Ciaramella Do you want to know the dirty secret about how the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confiscates suspected drug traffickers’ money? The truth is, it’s not hard: Agents just go to an airport and wait for … Continue reading

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