Axe Body Spray Shuts Down School, Sends 8 Students To Hospital

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school in Brooklyn was shut down this week following reports of a noxious odor, which turned out to be Axe body spray.

In a statement, the Department of Education said eight students were taken to the hospital Wednesday for reactions to a hazardous substance at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School, according to the Smoking Gun. Two other students of the Crown Heights school were also evaluated by private doctors.  

The musky fragrance was released in a sixth grade classroom around 1 p.m. School officials are investigating the incident and may take disciplinary action.

As Time notes, this is not the first time students have fallen ill from exposure to copious amounts of Axe. Earlier this year, a Pennsylvania high school banned students from wearing the body spray after one teen was hospitalized.

After Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick tried out the line of scents for a week, she commented: “I did learn from several mothers that the Wall of Axe (a naturally occurring phenomenon in which eight or more teen boys reapply Axe after phys ed, then stand in the stairwell together) has become so bad at some local schools that it’s been banned altogether.”

5 thoughts on “Axe Body Spray Shuts Down School, Sends 8 Students To Hospital

  1. Saw an article a while back that said this stuff was toxic.

    Most likely true.

    Back in a while. Dinnertime. 🙂

      1. Think I’ll pass on that one, Angel. That was a really good dinner – one of my favorites. Papa John’s Pizza. Large, 5 topping for $11.99.

        Outstanding! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. LOL 🙂
          Thought NC would have something to say about that one.
          Looking forward to angrygrandparent commenting on the UK Visits US Gun Passion story.

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