California Parents Incriminated For Not Vaccinating Children

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The new Personal Belief Exemption (PBE) form is available for Californians who want to opt out of vaccinations for their children.

Jonathan Fielding, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) explains that the new rule will make parents “take a careful look” before they opt out of vaccinating their child.  

The DPH will be closely monitoring vaccination rates to gage the effectiveness of the new rule.

To educate parents of the new responsibilities, the DPH have a website to ensure Californians follow the new mandate.

The PBE was created with the signing of AB 2109 by California Governor Jerry Brown which mandates that parents meet with a licensed practitioner in the healthcare industry to sign this document for exemptions from vaccinations for personal beliefs.

This document forces the parent to acknowledge that they understand the dangers of not vaccinating their child as outlined by the healthcare practitioner present.

A copy of the PBE form is kept with the child’s medical records, as well as the school the child attends. Should any issues arise later, this document could be used to incriminate parents for not following rules that are enforced as if they were laws.

The law covers public and private schools; including state-approved childcare facilities.

Professionals that must adhere to the new law include:

• Licensed doctors
• Osteopaths
• Nurse practitioners
• Physician assistants
• Naturopathic doctors
• School nurses

Mark Sawyer, pediatrician and infectious diseases specialist said: “In many cases, the decision against getting vaccinations is rooted in misconceptions about their safety. [The idea behind the new law is] to make sure parents who opt not to immunize their children have access to good information. Our observation is that parents get bad information and run with it.”

Sawyer said: “In the San Diego region, Sawyer said, parents who have chosen to exempt their kids from immunizations tended to be educated, upper-middle-class people and tended to cluster in the same schools, day cares and communities. When vaccination rates fall too low in a local pocket and herd immunity is lost, he added, infections — including measles, which Sawyer called the “poster child” — have an opportunity to spread rapidly.

The Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs , a non-profit organization, obtained documents that expose the CDC’s lies and manipulation of a Danish study that showed a link between vaccines containing mercury and autism.

The 2003 study that was published in The Journal of Pediatrics (JoP), did not report a significant reduction in autism after Denmark stopped using Thimerosal (a mercury based additive) in vaccines.

This was the actual finding of the study, however the CDC changed the information because its public release would be incriminating to the pharmaceutical companies that were developing and using Thimerosal in their vaccines.

The CDC changed the report to say that the removal of the additive was the actual cause of rising autism rates.

The authors contacted the CDC, regarding their change without the express permission of the authors prior to publication. An investigation concluded that the editors of the Journal were coerced by the CDC to print the revised data.

CoMeD requested a full criminal investigation of this matter and will make a formal declaration of their findings. They intend to find out whether or not fraud has been committed by the CDC by intentionally omitting pertinent information about mercury’s dangerous effects as an additive to vaccines and their direct ties to the incidents of autism in children.

CoMeD also requested a full retraction of the fraudulent information published in the Journal.

Last December, the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) released a statement in favor of Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that is detrimental to the health of everyone who is vaccinated.

Dr. Louis Cooper from Columbia University states that research shows that Thimerosal does cause harm to children.
In 2004, the US Institute of Medicine conducted a safety review that found no evidence was viable to state that Thimerosal is connected to the soaring incidents of autism.

The CDC concurred with this finding in a study released in 2010.

Thimerosal is ethyl mercury that has dramatic toxic effects against the health of the human body. The UN Environmental Program (UNEP) has listed mercury as a global health hazard. The UNEP would like to see a treaty that protects against Thimerosal be created.

The CMFD have provided the UNEP with researched evidence that outlines without dispute that Thimerosal is dangerous to the human body from exposure in vaccines and dental fillings that contain mercury-based silver amalgam. With this research, the UNEP has a plan to phase out Thimerosal because of its attachment to neurological disorders, autism and other health disorders.

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  1. these idiots have no idea what these vaccines can do to a healthy individual. of course they don’t care. I tried the vaccine for flu when i was younger and not awake. i got a cold every time. never again. natural meds will take care of you without damaging your system. I do not take any pharmaceuticals of any kind and do not intend to. I have not seen a medical dr. for 10 years. I know how to treat my self without them. no authority has the right to tell me to put a foreign substance into my body. especially a poisonous one.

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