Be Good

Your bullet will expand as it penetrates the skull, pulverizing grey matter until it blows most of who he was out the back door you created in his head, and then it will still shatter bone and shred arteries in the evil bastard standing behind him. You’ll leave mountains of dead bodies in your wake, you’ll wade through the rivers of blood you’ve spilt, and you’ll gaze with proud victory upon a landscape strewn with broken and severed body parts.

The following morning, you’ll hold a baby as gently as a lamb, and when you do, you’ll still feel the same warmth in your heart that you do now, and you don’t want to lose that.   

War isn’t who you are. It’s a dirty job that you have to do in defense of your life, your family, your home, and your country, and because everything is at stake, it’s a war that must be won at all costs. Victory will be ugly, because war isn’t available in any other color, but defeat will mean genocide on a grand scale, slavery for the survivors, and unimaginable suffering for all of humanity’s foreseeable future.

There have never been, nor can there ever be, more valid reasons to fight, and the fact of this war we don’t want being delivered to our doorsteps kind of precludes all debate on matter anyway. The fight is coming to you whether you like it or not, and whether you’re ready or not. The sooner you’re able to accept the reality of the situation we’re in, the more time you’ll have to prepare for it, which will increase your chance of survival, and our chance of victory. It’s that simple.

And although every one of us prefers the comforts of home and loved ones, we’ll instead be fighting in the woods and from the rooftops, not because we want to, but because fighting is the only option to sheepishly allowing ourselves to be killed.

An attack on our sovereign land by enemy forces, foreign or domestic, will force everyone into the struggle. It will make soldiers out of housewives, architects, and carpenters, who under normal circumstances, might never imagine themselves at war, but these are not normal circumstances, so I’ll be there.

And although war is unimaginable to most Americans, there exists a beastly facet to all of our personalities that’s kept suppressed in civilized society, and he’s willing to ruthlessly, and brutally slaughter countless enemies to dominate, and conquer, as well as to defend his home, and protect his family. If you can dissociate from who you are in our civilized world, you can draw upon his ability to advance without fear, kill without remorse, and walk with pride upon the dead bodies of those you’ve laid to waste, but if you want that warm feeling when holding a baby the following morning, you’re going to have to be good.

You’re going to have to know that we fight to protect and defend rather than dominate and conquer, and that you’ve killed because it was necessary to protect that baby’s life and future. The rivers of blood you spilt prevented someone else from spilling an ocean of the stuff, and the mountain of dead bodies once belonged to evil souls, delivered here to destroy you, and all you hold dear.

We’re fighting for our lives, our families, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We’re fighting against the wholesale slaughter of our people, and against the kind of tyranny that enslaves the few people it allows to survive. We fight in self-defense, and most importantly, we fight from the moral high-ground.

Right makes might, as the saying goes, and none of us are motivated by greed, lust, or the yearning for power, but our unfortunate enemy is. We don’t want to be kings, we want to be free of them, and we tolerantly endured their tyranny until it became unbearable.

The moral high-ground is the key to our victory because it’s what allows soldiers of all walks of life to unfetter the beast within them, and most importantly, to put the beast back in his cage when you’re done using him, hold your head high with pride, and gently hold the baby with love. It will allow you to pick up the rifle after putting the baby in his crib, and go back to the work of killing people, or folding laundry.

Despite the best efforts of the Zionists to destroy all morality in our society, all sane adults know the difference between right and wrong, and any society can only become immoral because of the choices made by individuals within that society. We empower ourselves and weaken our enemy by refusing to succumb to his attempts at undermining who we are, and instead remembering that Americans are honest, decent, and moral individuals, who have idolized and emulated the good Samaritan, and have always been unified by our traditional love of freedom, and individual rights.

Anyone who tells you “America doesn’t have a culture” wants you to forget our proud culture, because you’ll surrender the moral high-ground when you do. We’ll destroy our enemies because we’re better than they are. Americans have built all that’s good in this world ever since America was founded, through superior intelligence and honest hard work. Our superior intelligence was granted to us by the natural selection of our harsh beginnings. Idiots don’t survive what Americans have been through, and these harsh beginnings have also given us the strength to be good people. Because our moral, Christian society expects decency, our trusting nature allowed our great nation to be stolen through the deception, fraud, and usury of amoral beings, who seek to destroy this country as part of a bigger plan to dominate, and enslave the world.

Theft, deceit, and usury are the crutches of stupid, weak and parasitic people, incapable of earning their own living, producing anything, or surviving adversity. Your morality is a testament to your strength and superiority because it boasts of your ability to thrive despite hardship, without resorting to the base tactics of these lesser beings. As goodness requires strength and intelligence, your morality is a trophy to display.

When the gadgets and luxuries are gone, and the money becomes worthless, all you’ll have left is your honor, your integrity, and your courage, because these are the only things you have that can’t be taken from you. The actions that are attached to your name will soon be the only things you have, so make sure you’re always doing something that you can be proud of, and things that enable someone else to be proud of being an American.

Patriots don’t rob, rape, loot, or pillage. Our enemy does those things, and that’s what we’re going to stop. How you conduct yourself as an American freedom fighter will reflect on all of us, and can change the outcome of the war, because our victory requires the support of the general population.

Be good to your fellow man, and be good at killing him when he’s left you no other choice, and remember that sometimes the ultimate goodness is suffering whatever is necessary to kill off what’s bad.

Conquer your enemy with the knowledge that he’s left you no other choice, and victory won’t be nearly as ugly. Understand that he deserves to have his life ended for coming here to end yours. You didn’t rob him, invade his country, or upset his home. You only wanted to be left alone, and at peace with your loved ones, but these horrible creatures continued their pursuit until there was no place left for you to run or hide.

The Satan-worshiping enemy that’s attacking us is, and always has been slaughtering Christians, and attacking Christianity around the globe, and now they’re attacking America. This has left us in such a fundamental, Biblical struggle between good and evil, that if there’s a God in Heaven, He doesn’t even have the option of choosing a side in this war, because that’s who we work for. We will prevail because we fight for what’s good in this world, and against those bent on destroying it.

When we’re done cleaning this house, life in America will again be the paradise it always should have been, but we’ve let the garbage pile up, so we have a big job in front of us. Let’s get it done, because it can’t be swept under the rug any longer.
— Jolly Roger 

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”
— Motto on Thomas Jefferson’s seal. (author unknown) 

15 thoughts on “Be Good

  1. I would like to bring something to your attention which is we should be fighting for our state constitutions as that is where the people have the most control and authority of enforcement. We are a Nation of 50 independant states each with thier own independent governments in Union. There is a great misunderstanding regarding the US Constitution through centuries of indoctrination, assumptions and lack of knowledge. The US Constitution is for the general government and the states as they were the parties to it. The US Constitution does not apply to the people. i have done extensive reading of the journals of the 1,2,and 3 Congress when this Nation was being stood up. The 1833 Supreme Court opinion by Chief Justice Marshall explains it best…. The Constitution was ordained and established by the people of the United States for themselves, for their own government, and not for the government of the individual States. Each State established a constitution for itself, and in that constitution provided such limitations and restrictions on the powers of its particular government as its judgment dictated. The people of the United States framed such a government for the United States as they supposed best adapted to their situation and best calculated to promote their interests. The powers they conferred on this government were to be exercised by itself, and the limitations on power, if expressed in general terms, are naturally, and we think necessarily, applicable to the government created by the instrument. They are limitations of power granted in the instrument itself, not of distinct governments framed by different persons and for different purposes……… Had the people of the several States, or any of them, required changes in their Constitutions, had they required additional safeguards to liberty from the apprehended encroachments of their particular governments, the remedy was in their own hands, and could have been applied by themselves. A [p*250] convention could have been assembled by the discontented State, and the required improvements could have been made by itself. The unwieldy and cumbrous machinery of procuring a recommendation from two-thirds of Congress and the assent of three-fourths of their sister States could never have occurred to any human being as a mode of doing that which might be effected by the State itself. Had the framers of these amendments intended them to be limitations on the powers of the State governments, they would have imitated the framers of the original Constitution, and have expressed that intention. Had Congress engaged in the extraordinary occupation of improving the Constitutions of the several States by affording the people additional protection from the exercise of power by their own governments in matters which concerned themselves alone, they would have declared this purpose in plain and intelligible language. Full text here

    I pray you find this helpful and enlightening.

    In Freedom, Paul

  2. Jolly, I have to say, Amen, Brother, I would stand by your side any day to fight these evil scum. That my friend was one of the best articles I have ever read, and there is nothing you stated that I do not agree with. You my friend hit the nail on the head!! God Bless You!

  3. JR, your articles are nothing short of masterpieces. Another powerful and inspiring article, dude. You’ve captured the feeling of everyone of us who know what must be done, but who are still wrestling with themselves in actually doing it, as well as what the consequences and emotional states of those actions would be afterwards. We have a hell of a fight ahead of us and the sooner the people come to grips with reality and how to deal with the battles to come, the better. God be with you!

  4. Jolly

    You have the perception that everyone needs for this struggle we are now in. We are already winning in the decimation of the truth, as you have just contributed to. Quite succinctly i might add. HE is our strength as we go forward in this war. The great deceiver has been working feverishly of late, but it is not his time. We shall prevail.

  5. It truly is an uncomfortable thought as to what needs to be done to rid ourselves of these criminals and pry our families and loved ones from their murderous clutches and struggle our way out from under the boot that has placed on our faces. So true, JR. We have done nothing but want to live freely and let others live as well, free from tyranny. But the tyranny has been brought to us without our express consent and again you are correct. We have done nothing to provoke it. We have merely allowed others to sow their wicked seeds under their false pretenses and good judgement has been clouded by the smokescreen of political correctness and media brainwashing. What we must do is done from love for God, Country and family, for our brothers and sisters in arms, and especially for the baby we hope to hold when we are victorious. That child is our hope for the future but we in turn know that our fight will provide hope for that little one. Very well said, JR. We have identified our enemy. We know what must be done. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

  6. A depressing but well written necessary article of what things may come to,hope they don’t but if wrong hope to see you folks on the other side,if not,hope I at least had the strength and a bit o luck to die well.

    1. Hey James
      God will give you what you need when you need it. He has for me quite a few times. I didn’t know it at the time, but discovered it later. Some like to call it inner strength because they cant comprehend from whence it came. HE said, I will never leave you or forsake you.
      Stay strong brother.

  7. Thanks a lot, everyone. You all have a way of making a website feel like home, and I’m proud to be on the same side as you guys.

    And thanks for the soap box, Henry.

    1. Excellent piece. An in depth explanation of what we mean when we say, “Get your mind right”. A good read.

  8. “The Satan-worshiping enemy that’s attacking us is, and always has been slaughtering Christians, and attacking Christianity around the globe, and now they’re attacking America.”

    Absolutely. But the ALL of the mainline Christian churches in this country lost that fight many decades ago, through the 501(c)(3) trap. They’ve all been corrupted by the Enemy. Just as ALL the ‘New Age’ Bibles are corrupted. The KJV is the only valid translation.

    This coming war is not of our making. We’ll not be the ones starting it, but by God, WE THE PEOPLE intend to finish it.

    Excellent post, JR.

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