First of all, I have to say that I don’t think this election drama is over, and that there’s still plenty of time for a few more scenes before the final curtain. Exactly how things play out probably depends on how Americans respond to events that unfold, so the enemy is going to remain flexible until they can gauge the reaction of the American people.

I’d expect a few cop killings today, and possibly some pockets of unrest in various parts of the country, but for the most part Patriots will regroup, and re-strategize (I think I just made that word up, but you know what I mean) for the time being. Continue reading “It’s Not Over”

Many people have used the slowly-boiled frog analogy to describe the incremental destruction of our freedom, so I though it might be interesting to recall a time when the water wasn’t so hot.

We were freedom loving individuals. We did what we wanted to, said what we wanted to, and no government employee dared to trample our rights. There was a universal understanding that this country belonged to the people who inhabited it, and we cherished what we had. You were proud to be an American. People were happier, wealthier, and didn’t have to work nearly as hard to earn a comfortable living. Americans valued their honor, defended their reputation, and total strangers could usually be trusted to do the right thing. The music was better, the art was better, and I’ll even swear that the skies were bluer. In short; life was good, and we were happy.  Continue reading “The Crackdown”

Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Satan-worshiping billionaire who wants to exterminate most of the human race because they’re a threat to my wealth, and plans for world domination. Will you please be good enough to hold still while I inject poison into your arm?

Do I know what’s in a vaccine? No, I don’t. What I do know is that the people who are insisting that I get vaccinated want me dead. What else do I need to know? Continue reading “Get Your Free Vaccine Today!!”

No, I didn’t dig up a link, and probably couldn’t find one if I tried, but if your memory is still intact, you might remember that several years ago, research was being done into how viruses could be modified to attack certain ethnic groups. There was public outcry against this due to the obvious genocidal abilities that were being researched, and we heard very little about it after that point in time.   Continue reading “Ashkanazi Jews Immune to Covid-19”

Forget the silly election results because they’re going to drag that nonsense out longer than the O.J. trial, and when the circus is over they’re going to hand the presidency to Trump, because he still has an important job to do to advance the New World Order.

Before we proceed, it’s best to begin by agreeing on the fact that this world is being run by Zionist international bankers, who’ve been slowly increasing their control over the political processes of all first-world counties for centuries, chiefly by controlling their economies, and draining their wealth via the fractional reserve banking scam. It’s of prime importance to understand who’s pulling all the strings if you want to guess where this world is going next, because your best guess will be based on what they’ve done in the past, which will also require some familiarity with real history (not the “history” you were taught in school).  Continue reading “You’re Being Duped Again”

A storm is headed in our direction, and it’s going to shower Americans with trauma, misery, and desperation. It’s all part of the plan, because the debilitating effects of these conditions leave tyrants with the docile and compliant populations that are easy to rule, and oppress.

We all prefer not to dwell on depressing topics of discussion, but that desire has allowed millions to ignore the grim realities of our present situation, and hasn’t helped anyone to do anything but be ill-prepared for the difficult world we’re being tossed into.  Continue reading “The Storm”

As a testament to the general stupidity of humans, 32% of beer drinkers said that because of the corona virus, they would not drink a Corona beer. Maybe we’re only talking about the stupidity of beer drinkers, but “corona” means crown, and although a brewer may think his particular brew is a crowning achievement in the world of suds, the family of corona viruses are so named because of protein spikes that give the viruses the appearance of a crown. It’s these protein spikes that latch onto the healthy cells of a human victim, at which point the replication process begins, and eventually allows to virus to overwhelm the human immune system.

I think we all understand that this novel (new) corona virus is a genetically engineered biological weapon, and while it is possible that is was accidentally released into the pubic via lax laboratory procedures as has been claimed, the timing of its release into the public suggests that a political motive, or several of them, may be the real reason(s) we’re being infected by it now.  Continue reading “A Cold Corona”

Let’s line up a few events chronologically, because by doing so, we’ll give ourselves a clearer view of the scam, or at least one of the scams, that the American people are presently falling victim to.

I don’t remember any quotable numbers, but I do remember that mainstream media outlets were losing viewers in double-digit percentages back in 2005, and 2006. I also remember that FOX news lost half of their viewers in the span of one month during the Bush administration, and I remember these events because they spelled victory and success for the Truth Movement, which at the time was still only the “9-11 Truth Movement”. Continue reading “The Scam”

You’re watching a show that’s no different than any soap opera while you think you’re keeping abreast of politics. You’re not following politics as a responsible American should; you’re a victim of a political deception, and your civic responsibility requires that you look behind the curtain of deceit to discover what’s really being done to your country.

The show is a loosely scripted performance that’s able to be adjusted as necessary in response to public sentiment, and the bad actors commonly known as “politicians” rarely present an original thought or idea. When they do, they invariably reveal their stupidity and incompetence. Continue reading “You’re an idiot.”

What to do, what to do?

Let’s assume that you’re part of a nation’s communist insurgency, just as we have here in the United States. Countless staged gun massacres have failed to persuade the nationals to surrender their weapons, and that surrender is necessary before you can finally begin the cleansing genocide that you have planned for those needy, and deplorable peasants.  Continue reading “Helpful Hints for Ruling a Nation (3)”

Let’s begin by remembering that Trump didn’t mention “fake news” until long after Americans ditched their cable subscriptions, stopped buying newspapers, and mainstream news outlets were bleeding money. The tank thinkers already knew that Americans no longer believed the news, and Trump was instructed to cash in on the growing anger toward the formerly “trusted sources of information”. Because of this, many Americans saw Trump as an honest candidate with whom they could see “eye-to-eye”. Of course, suddenly becoming a hated fraud didn’t make the lying “news” go away, because the hatred and distrust could be used as a tool if properly employed. The Zionist media helped Trump get elected by endlessly attacking him, while simultaneously advancing their endless task of dividing Americans. The southern border invasion had to be addressed because they could no longer ignore Americans’ screaming about it, so Trump was instructed to cash in on that anger too. They don’t believe the TV anymore, but they didn’t turn it off, either. Continue reading “Helpful Hints for Ruling a Nation (2)”

Where are the REAL social justice warriors? Who’s willing to tackle the big problems in our world? The discrimination is blatant and cruel. The injustice is obvious. The unfairness has no place in a civilized society, and yet Americans continue to ignore the undeserved privileges that our barbaric culture has granted to beautiful women at the expense of everyone else.

To prove our claims scientifically, we gathered a team of experts from various topless bars and strip clubs. We asked them to determine exactly what characteristics define a woman as “beautiful”, and only then were we able to begin crunching the numbers.  Continue reading “Pretty Privileged”

I’m sure you’ve attended the finest schools, studied tirelessly, learned a lot, and are now home to a wealth of information, but I’m also sure you’ve never bothered to investigate what knowledge may have been intentionally excluded from your education, or how much of it is simply untrue.

Let’s not forget that deception is our enemy’s stock-in-trade, and that a comprehensive propaganda and censorship mechanism exists that decides what you’ll see on TV, read in books or newspapers, or learn in school.  Continue reading “Deception”

Forget all about the impeachment process, because it’s just another ring in the circus of distractions, and the final result will have Trump continuing to ride on his white horse, and all of his detractors looking like idiots. It’s all part of grooming the public for his dictatorial power by portraying him as the only person in our government who isn’t completely corrupt or incompetent. The FBI, the DOJ, and the entire Democratic party have all been exposed as being corrupt, useless, perverse, or stupid, and the majority of Americans see their endless attacks against Trump as tiresome and petty. Another four years of this will have most liberals supporting Trump, but of course, no longer identifying as “liberals”.  Continue reading “Banker Exile”

Alex Jones is a tool, and he always has been, but once he became the poster boy for disinformation, his usefulness began to dry up. The Sandy Hook lawsuit is a huge blow to the credibility of the entire truth movement, and this entire debacle involving him being banned from social media will bring the formerly unmentionable topic of censorship into public debate for the sole purpose of curtailing your right to free speech.

After several senators shovel a mountain of dung that attempts to explain why your speech needs to be regulated for your own good, laws will be passed, and some things you might want to say could get you arrested. Of course, you can’t let this silence you. Your unalienable right to free speech is enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and the restoration of these rights is at the heart of this struggle.   Continue reading “Censorship”

I don’t think so. I’m referring of course, to the “news” of 450 people having their guns confiscated in Florida, without anyone firing a shot. I don’t believe a word of it, but at the same time, I could have predicted that this, or a similar story would have appeared sooner or later, because it serves their purposes so well.

I remember two instances of these “red flag” gun confiscation laws being applied, and if I’m not mistaken, they both ended with police being shot. Now we’re expected to believe that 450 were taken without so much as a complaint, because this is exactly the type of myth they’d be looking to propagate.    Continue reading “450 Sniveling Cowards?”

Pursuant to yesterday’s discussion regarding farm subsidies, I decided to do a little digging to find out exactly where our farm subsidies are going so we might add some verifiable fact to the discussion rather than relying on guesswork, or whatever faulty impressions we’re left with by Zionist media outlets.

In 2016, corn subsidies went to 534,845 farmers, soybean subsidies went to 348,637 farmers, and wheat subsidies went to 425, 637 farmers. Sorghum subsidies went to 153,754 farmers, oat subsidies went to 127,165 farmers, and subsidies for cotton, rice, canola, and livestock went to farmers numbering in the tens of thousands each. Others are too small to be worth mentioning here, but the point is that the subsidies were divided up between many more than a million different farmers, and since the money is divided between so many, we’re obviously not talking about large, corporate-owned farms.    Continue reading “Farm Aid Facts”

What we have here is some prime propaganda from the Rutherford Institute. Now that the American public is becoming aware that the “news” isn’t real, the Rutherford Institute has decided to “reveal” and report on that fact in an effort to salvage some of their own credibility. 

Are we to believe that they didn’t know this many years ago? They knew perfectly well we were being lied to, they lied to us along with the rest of them, and they’re still lying now. Notice how they blame all the deceit on “TV news” as if the NY Times were any better. They’re admitting to what the people have already discovered in order to help conceal a bigger lie. Continue reading “It’s All Fake: Reality TV That Masquerades as American Politics”