Betty White Dead at 99


20 thoughts on “Betty White Dead at 99

        1. I’m sorry Mary, I hope he passed as easy as he could have understanding what the circumstances were. He goes to the heavens with many others, I miss mine every day. My donkey Moses too.

        2. I’m sad to hear. I’m not even a doggie mom, but I’m an aunt to some wonderful dogs. And I’ve found that it is tough loss. Rest In Peace puppy.

  1. Sorry for your loss… Animals cannot be replaced in our lifetime… They are just like the people they love the most….. Take care Sister

  2. So sry for your loss Mary, some say it’s just a dog, but I know how it tears your heart out to lose a dog who is part of your family. I’ve been through it too many times. Never again, I always say, and then I get another. They bring a lot of joy. I like dogs better than most people.

    1. thank you Swifty
      I have had one dog in my life. When I lost him I swore never again. Ace came into my life and heart through Jim. I promised Jim I would give Ace the best life I possibly could after he (Jim) passed. I think I kept to that promise but the thing is Ace gave me five and a half years of love and joy that I otherwise would not have experienced. We were sympatico and I swear that dog could read my mind. Dog people know what I am talking about.
      I too love animals more than I like most people

  3. Betty was funny. She was also very liberal in personal life. I heard she was perfectly fine two days before but got a booster that week and pow. Over

  4. Oh Mary. So very sorry to hear about your dogs passing. I have been through this twice in the past year. Horrible to loose a faithful member of the family. They have so much love to give, and so little time on this earth to give it. Sincere sympathy to you.

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