Beware Insurance Pitches Disguised As Obamacare

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she is looking into what appears to be a bogus campaign to sign people up for federal health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Don’t be tricked. You may think you’re signing up for affordable health care, but experts say it could be a scheme to get you to enroll in something else.  

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports posters and flyers are popping up in hopes of enticing people who need health insurance.

“Official enrollment center for Obamacare,” they read.

“Are you eligible for free health insurance?” says the ads, which encourage people to enroll immediately.

Sounds very official, right? Not to everybody.

The Chicago campaign is not out of Washington, but out of an office building in Flossmoor. Thats where you find KLS Marketing.

Elliot Williams helps run the program.

“That’s how the company was branded, and it’s totally legal,” he says.

The drive is apparently aimed at developing a client list for a Florida insurance company. People are asked for their social security number, and income and other information.

Soon, they’ll get a call from Florida offering to sell them health insurance.

“People are seizing on the opportunity, they’re using the president’s name as a marketing tool or a marketing gimmick. So, people really do need to beware,” says Mike Claffey, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Can you join up and sign up for the Affordable Care Act with these folks as advertised?

“No, we can’t do that because were not licensed,” Williams says.

If you’re suspicious of someone approaching you for personal information in connection with the ACA, the state insurance department asks you to call their toll free hotline: (866) 445-5364.

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