Beware the Oathkeeper Trolls

Before It’s News – by Chief Mark Kessler

I was approached by a young man who stopped by the police station.  He stated he was a marine, he’s friends with a lot of law enforcement officers, ect, I thought he was a stand up straight forward guy!

He then offered to create a Facebook account on my behalf, now until I meet this person everything has been 100% positive! The fb account was created, he created a csf page, shortly after the csf page was created, a Facebook page was created titled (try chief mark Kessler for treason,) now out of 1082 friends on the facebook page he created on my behalf, (he was the only one to bring to my attention the anti-chief Kessler page!, not one other person even noticed but him!  

As a police officer that alone threw up a red flag!  After a few days of investigating and tracing the ip address I was able to trace the ip addy back to him as the creator of (the try chief mark Kessler for treason fb page), while I was investigating the fb account a petition was created on the white house web site called (try chief Kessler for treason), this was also brought to my attention by one person! The same person who created the facebook account on my behalf, now he was the only one to mention it out of 1082 friends!  He was able convince a female from Oregon to join him.

I trusted someone whom I just meet and invited him into my organization (in which I have been working day and night to get up and running legally!)  With open arms only to have him betray, slander, and create much unwarranted drama!

I then confronted him with my findings and he tried to lie his was out, now being a police officer for 15 plus years, I know how to conduct criminal investigation, he tried to explain why his ip addy showed up in the trace, I deal with criminals every day, just by him trying to explain why the (try chief mark Kessler for treason page was traced back to him), I knew he was the only person who could have created it!

I informed him he was relieved of all association with me, along with my organization, a woman from Oregon who was a chapter president for csf in that state, she is now denouncing me, my organization on facebook because of this sick minded individual who created all this unwarranted drama, stating I’m a fraud, everyone is entitled  to their own opinion , I respect that.

Now when I check the police answering machine there was 1 call from a unidentified call threatening to kill me on sight! Only one message! The trace came back to a pre-paid service on the Internet that allows anyone to send phone calls to anyone without being traceable to the actual caller! The call was made one day before I confronted this Ill minded person!

Which leads one to believe it was him? Why he did what he did is beyond my grasp! I will never consent to anyone using facebook for the csf or myself again! He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and he played it very well until he was confronted! , (lesson learned!)  I will not be deterred by these actions in anyway shape or form, I will march on my friends!, If I wanted to do things half assed I would of just put any bylaws I wanted up! But I want to do this legally!  (The right way), obviously these sick minded persons got very frustrated with this! But again I’m doing what is right, what I believe in, and I’m doing it by the book!

11 thoughts on “Beware the Oathkeeper Trolls

  1. Another reason why anyone who even considers to use Facebook or any social networking site is completely asking for trouble.

  2. With Facebook I can purposefully add my own biometric data, tie the GPS in my mobile phone to my FB account so my friends know where I am at all times, let the masses know if I enjoyed my cheese sandwich, and lots more. Why wouldn’t I want a FB account?

  3. I hear that the Chinese are holding off the invasion of the US until all of those billions of Chinise men get done picking their new wives off of FaceBook. You know… The Spoils of War

    I hear they also get to pick out a house for themselves, also.

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