13 thoughts on “EPIC Meltdown! Bill O’Reilly blows up at Alan Colmes – “You are lying,” “This is Bull-blank”

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Everyone knows that Bill Goebbels O’Reilly is a traitor, why does anyone listen to him anymore?

    The fact is, after the dust settles, if Goebbels O’Reilly is still alive,.. he will be one of the traitors on trial for treason, and there will be no plea bargins allowed.

    Either this traitor, and all other traitors, are found innocent and walk,.. or are found guilty and hang,.. bodies left to rot off the rope.

    Note: When these traitors are hung,.. they will NOT be permitted a hood. Everyone will get to see their faces as they strangle to death!

    Hanging Traitors like Goebbells O’Reilly,…..Now that’s quality entertainment!!

    Thanks Bill,.. I look forward to your greatest performance with great anticipation!!

    JD – US Marines – The hour to restore our country is almost upon us.

    1. Hey J.D., I agree wholeheartedly that Bill O. is the lowest form of life ever to slither on this planet. Off the subject, however, I heard on “The Word” the other day you mentioned that the Bush family was prevented from leaving the country and was wondering what was up with that? I hope they arrested the sob!

      1. Hi Millard,

        Inside source that I was looking to see if anyone can confirm or not.

        Not entirely unusual when I can’t confirm, at least for a few weeks, sometimes months.

        If anyone out there can confirm, please do so.

        Thanks – JD

          1. @ JD 6:44. Hey JD. I clicked on that link @7:08 about bush not being able to leave the US and it came up to century link.. I think you may have to type in the whole link because only part of the link there was underlined and that underlined part was only part of that link. You may have to manually type in the whole link including `t-leave-u-s-fearing-arrest/ part that wasn`t underlined on that link.

        1. Hey JD, thanks for getting back. Diggerdan has a link that is not working but with Bush already convicted of war crimes it would suprise me a bit.

  2. Monica Crowley said it best when she stated, ” You have to go back to who Barack Obama is”. That’s the question of the decade. We still don’t know who this guy really is. We know he’s not a legitimate president. O’Reilly methodically picks his fights like any highly paid spin doctor/ actor does. Entertainment journalism.

  3. Barak Hussien Obama (aka Barry Sotero, aka Barry Davis son of Frank Marshal Davis American journalist and devout communist). Communists hang with their own. I’m sure Barry’s mother knew her son’s father was a commmunist and I’m sure she is one as well and raised her son to be one as well.

  4. The Face of America…The face of Americans. Why are you all so surprised? This is what Americans are all about. Shouting, threatening, lying, stealing has become the norm in the USA.

  5. O.K. guys, I know this is supposed to pass for serious journalism these days, but I’m sorry, I was laughing my @ss off when Bill went ballistic, so this one doubles as my comic relief for the day.

  6. All of these entertainment journalists/actors have a part to play to make it seem like they are leveling the playing field and to give the impression that someone is on the side of the American people during the fleecing of America. If they don’t play their part, like Rick Sanchez did not play his part, they get canned. Entertainment journalists/actors that do this are the worst kind of people because they kiss a** to get ahead and lose any sense of decency they may have had at one point in their careers.

  7. …I don’t know…Bill looked seriously pissed off there for a few minutes… ….blood vessels…bulging eyes….perhaps he is trying to play a role in both camps, so that when the treason convictions and hangings begin…he can claim to have been on the side of “the people”…? The sad thing is..these people keep playing the game, as though anyone has any faith in the rules of the game, the ethics of the game-players …or the goals and objectives of the true controllers of our society….very sad… historically so…very similar to Rush Limbaugh…such potential to have influenced our society towards freedom and liberty…but they continue to play the game so vehemently…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

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