Biden accepts invitation to visit Israel in coming months

ABC News

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke to Biden on Sunday afternoon, discussing recent Israeli-Palestinian unrest in Jerusalem as well as their shared concerns about Iran, both of their offices said. 

Israel has opposed U.S. efforts to revive the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran, saying it does not include sufficient safeguards to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. It also has expressed concerns that the U.S. might remove Iran’s Republican Guard from its list of foreign terrorist groups.

While both governments confirmed that Biden accepted an invitation to visit Israel in the near future, neither gave a date for the expected trip.

One thought on “Biden accepts invitation to visit Israel in coming months

  1. This’ll be it. This will finally be the moment that things get fixed over there, settled for good. Yessirree!! And Biden is the man to do it, to get the job done. A beacon of integrity, graced with the strength and will of a gladiator, the intelligence of a genius. Filled with fortitude, ingenuity, and backbone, he marches into The Holy Land and transforms it into A Pinnacle of Peace. Though many have tried before, none was up to the task, but Zionist Joe will champion the cause. Many are hoping that on his return trip he’ll stop in Ukraine and also rectify things there. Seems there’s nothing he can’t do. Go Joe!! And don’t forget, Kamala has your back should you need her.


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