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All 100 US senators demand end to UN’s ‘anti-Israel agenda’

Jewish News Service ( All 100 U.S. senators signed a letter, sent to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, demanding that the world body end its “anti-Israel agenda.” The letter, authored by Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.), … Continue reading

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Street gang MS-13 grips Long Island suburbs in violence

Yahoo News BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (AP) — Late at night, when helicopters thrum overhead and spotlights beam down onto lawns, many people here know exactly what’s going on. “You just think, ‘Oh, God, whose child is it now?’” said Stephanie Spezia, … Continue reading

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GOP Lawmaker: U.S. Won’t Spray Opium in Afghanistan Because Crops ‘Might Be Too Close to a Mosque’

Breitbart – by Edwin Mora WASHINGTON D.C. — The United States had the ability to use aerial spraying to destroy the opium crops in Afghanistan used by the Taliban to fund their terrorist activities after 9/11 but refused to do … Continue reading

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Congress votes to avert government shutdown — for one week

Yahoo News WASHINGTON — The majority of Democrats and Republicans in the House voted to postpone a government shutdown by one week, giving Congress until next Friday at midnight to hammer out a spending deal for the rest of the fiscal year. The … Continue reading

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Texas House Passes Bill to Jail ‘Sanctuary’ Sheriffs, Police Chiefs

Breitbart – by Bob Price The Texas House passed a tough anti-sanctuary bill containing provisions making it a crime for sheriffs and chiefs of police to refuse to cooperate with immigration officials. They could also be removed from office for … Continue reading

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Trump ‘absolutely’ looking at breaking up 9th Circuit

Washington Examiner – by Sarah Westwood President Trump said Wednesday that he has “absolutely” considered proposals that would split up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where judges have blocked two of his executive actions. “Absolutely, I have,” Trump said … Continue reading

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Trump Explans Why He Flipped On NAFTA: Canadian, Mexican Leaders Called Me To Renegotiate

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden In one of the most striking reversals for President Trump to date, as reported earlier, just hours after the White House said the president is contemplating terminating NAFTA before his 100th day, sending the … Continue reading

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UN To Trump: Obamacare Repeal Would Violate “International Law”; Would Also Be Racist

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden A confidential memo from the United Nations, sent shortly after Trump moved into the White House, made an “urgent appeal” to the Trump administration that a repeal of Obamacare could violate international law.  Oh … Continue reading

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Woman swept up in massive cocaine bust in L.A. now faces deportation, spurring protests and anger

LA Times – by Matt Hamilton and Richard Winton Dozens of people gathered in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday to protest the detention of a 54-year-old woman who now faces deportation for living in the country illegally. Teresa Vidal-Jaime was … Continue reading

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Napolitano’s UC hid $175 million while demanding money, audit says

Fox News The University of California hid a stash of $175 million in secret funds while its leaders requested more money from the state, an audit released on Tuesday said. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the audit found that … Continue reading

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Japanese government warns citizens they would have 10 minutes to prepare for a North Korean missile

National Post – by Anna Fifield, The Washington Post TOKYO — North Korea might be talking about building missiles that can reach the United States, but Kim Jong Un’s regime already has lots of missiles that can reach Japan. So … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown Averted? Trump Punts On Border Wall, Will Wait Until September

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden In what may the flip-flop that resonates the most among his core voter base, Trump said that contrary to recent reports that the White House demands funding for Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican … Continue reading

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American detained in North Korea

CNN North Korea detained an unidentified US citizen for unknown reasons as he was planning to fly out of Pyongyang International Airport on Saturday morning. The detention was confirmed by Martina Aberg, deputy chief of mission at the Swedish Embassy … Continue reading

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Obama Operatives Direct Town Hall Disruptions Nationwide

Breitbart – by Penny Starr As members of Congress wind up their Easter break back in their districts, a website honoring former President Barack Obama is providing “progressives” with the information and tools they need to disrupt town hall meetings … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on Californians

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Alert: 134 pro-vaccine bills are active in 35 states

Natural News – by Vicki Batts The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is monitoring 134 vaccine bills that have been launched around the country — and the overwhelming majority of them are seeking to decrease medical freedom. A shocking 35 … Continue reading

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Seattle, King County councils approve $1.3 million in legal aid for immigrants

Seattle Times – by Daniel Beekman The Seattle City Council on Monday voted to create a $1 million legal-defense fund for immigrants whom the federal government attempts to deport. And the Metropolitan King County Council approved $750,000 for immigrant and … Continue reading

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Operation Gotham Shield: Improvised Nuclear Detonation Drill April 26th In New Jersey

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Presidents to Have Say in Removal of Future Presidents

Political Insider – by Paul In the few months that President Donald J. Trump has been in office, Democrats and their allies in the liberal media have been trying their best to delegitimize his presidency. From questioning the validity of … Continue reading

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North Korea Is a Large Opium Producer Just Like Afghanistan — But That’s None of Your Business

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish Prior to the U.S. invasion and occupation that sent production and cultivation skyrocketing 35-fold in just the first 13 years, the Taliban had successfully decimated the opium poppy crop in Afghanistan. Nearly 16 … Continue reading

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