Biden Ends Beef? 90% Reduction in Red Meat by 2030 for Climate Plan

April 22, 2021
Biden’s new climate plan targets for 2030 include reducing red meat consumption by 90%, and all animal source foods & products by 50%. Christian shares the latest developments as governments around the world race to zero carbon emissions: France bans domestic flights, New Zealand stops shipping animals, Amsterdam banning wood stoves — the race to enslave humanity is on, and we must fight back now. ABSOLUTE ZERO breakdown:…

5 thoughts on “Biden Ends Beef? 90% Reduction in Red Meat by 2030 for Climate Plan

    1. we just goddamm can’t allow 2030 to ever get here.. hell I’ll be old as you by then!! I didn’t think in 2008 that we’d make it this far but I damn sure don’t think we’ll make it 10 more years.. not at this pace. they got rid of real light bulbs with the stroke of a pen. some treasonous coksuker made a billion ILLEGAL bullets for them with a stroke of a pen.. 63pct of businesses closed this past year will never reopen withOUT even a stroke of a pen.. there’s a lot of … removing.. needs to be done and i just don’t know where to start… very frustrating and disheartening.. depressing.. I guess I’ll start by writing F!@K YOU on the seatbelt ticket i got last week.. see where that takes me..

  1. If anyone is wondering where this idiot got the “4 pounds of beef per year” crapola (heck, the ranches nearby produce so much beef they could probably hand out four pounds a year per person in all of Texas! In a part of Texas where it’s “acres per cow” not “cows per acre”…it’s dry here, doncha know) But anyway…where did pedo Joe get the 4 pounds figure?
    Years ago when I was a leftist I read a history book about communism in Albania, and that 4 pounds of beef per year figure looks like it came out of this book. Folks supposedly could only eat beef on national holidays and MayDay or something.
    So my question is this: since this isn’t exactly Albania (which has a low cow count anyway even now…small country, doncha know) we’re talking about, then how does this idiot and his crapola Dept. of Ag actually plan to carry this out? They’d have to confiscate every ranch in the US, not just Texas….which means they’d have to confiscate every gun, which isn’t gonna happen (for sure it won’t happen in Texas!). What’s Creepy Joe gonna do next? Ration the air we breathe? Force all Americans to only drink two glasses of water per day? Him and his so-called “government” are completely insane… Reminds me of a Johnny Cash song, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”

    As for “zero carbon emissions” and getting rid of carbon dioxide….. Kerry (and wasn’t he a songbird like McCain?) I guess just loves the idea of getting rid of all plant life…but, oh, the criminal psycho elites plan on “doming” their estates to keep their own CO2 for their own plants and trees I suppose…. Either that or they are all moving underground in the “World Without End” (1960 sci-fi dystopia movie) scenario…. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah

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