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  1. I mainly put this in for discussion. It makes great claims for
    equality-for-all but never states where the power stays. Calls The Supreme Court “the highest court in the land.” Just making sure you forget about your Common Law court where TRUE equality and justice live. Then I came across the trailer below, which I guess came about because they find it necessary to counter any objection to The 14th Amendment. Netflix fully on-board with its newest offering, has Will Smith and others explaining the 14th and how it made America great. I saw no mention of the word “subject.”

    I’ll try to watch the whole film when I find it, but here’s the trailer for now. 2:52:



    1. ps: Now that I think of it… This could be a direct counter to what Henry so frequently flows out there regarding the 14th and how it subjugates us. They’re listening in and are responding by trying to turn base metal into gold. Ain’t gonna happen.


      1. Alchemy is a favorite of the tribe and historically attributed to the joos. merlin is said to be one and turning worthless elements into an industry which generates a fortune they control is something you’d expect from them i.e. diamonds.

      2. guaran damn teed.. I’ve seen comments about Trenches on Bitchute from names I don’t see on the site. last week when Henry had…. work to do… someone asked what happened to trenches?? I told her.. point is.. only 6or7 of y’all log in to the phone thing but who knows how many like me listen every day but don’t call in.. awful strange timing for a 14th video.. I suspect they’ll do a 9th explaining how you’re allowed to chew gum and sing and walk your dog.. even though it’s not enumerated in the constitution. cause the BoR doesn’t cover everything.. doncha know!?

  2. I made it to the 1 minute 17 second mark where she stated “The Bill of Rights gives you…”

    Jane, you ignorant slut, the BoR doesn’t GIVE us anything. Our unalienable rights are innate to every individual. Perhaps the BoR should have instead been titled ‘A partial guide to restrict government from tyrannical rule’.

    1. Yup, Same exact jump out point for me too…. “Gives you”…; these dirty ignorant traitors, knowingly or not, they just can’t understand a world where the people (Not citizens or Civilians) have the superior power over their god government!!!!

  3. Looks like the truth about the ratified Bill of Rights is getting out there and people are asking questions to which these fraudulent non-governmental organizations are desperately trying to attorn to add some legitimacy to the 14th Amendment.
    So the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to the states, huh?
    The 10th Article reads, and I quote, “The powers not delegated to United States by the Constitution, NOR PROHIBITED BY IT TO THE STATES, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”
    The Bill of Rights was ratified by the states and was the law for all the states, before it was added as the first amendment to that phony f-king constitution.
    What is prohibited to the states by the constitution? Well that would be everything in that Bill of Rights.
    The Bill of Rights wasn’t just written to protect the people from government. It was written as our system of law for our self-governess and absolutely applies to every individual American national, whether they be a member of the government, a corporation, or the Masonic lodge.
    This script reader, who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground, sites several cases litigated by the fraudulent Supreme Court under the fraudulent admiralty jurisdiction.
    What has never been litigated is the authority for the 14th Amendment in contrast to the absolute ratified law of the 9th Article.
    And no, the Supreme Court cannot litigate this question as it holds an interest in the outcome in reference to the Supreme Court’s supposed original jurisdiction.
    The first congress, in violation of the 9th Article, through government dictate and not through the ratification process of the 5th Article of the constitution, created the Office of Attorney General and declared original jurisdiction (that is original authority) over the people of the united states of America, and with the unlawful assertion of the 14th Amendment, gave themselves the highest authority in this country and proclaimed that they had the authority to alter the Bill of Rights, said power which is absolutely forbidden by the 9th Article.
    We the people, being the grantors of authority for the original government, are obviously the original jurisdiction and the only way they could gain our consent would have been through a constitutional amendment ratified by the several states. That did not happen.
    This was corrected December 15, 1791, when we the people LAID DOWN THE LAW via the ratification by the representatives of we the people of that Bill of Rights, in fact putting the government in its f-king place and letting them know that the common law jurisdiction, the maximums and procedural due process contained therein, superseded their unlawful dictatorial act, perpetrated by the first congress and that treasonous piece of shit, George Washington.
    None of the Supreme Court decisions this twit cited are worth the paper they were written on, as the authority for the government Supreme Court and their unlawful attorney generals did not have the authority to litigate the issue, because once again, all judicial authority resides with the people within the common law, which is that Bill of Rights.
    Once again they are trying to use race to cloud a simple issue. The Bill of Rights applies to all. Those who litigated within the administrative admiralty one day after the Bill of Rights should have been tried for treason and sedition. This was indeed the beginning of the assertion of power through dictate, hence treason and sedition.
    As I previously mentioned, the 14th Amendment has never been litigated as to the authority to create it, because they can’t let it be because the litigation by law would have to be in a common law court, and as the 14th Amendment absolutely subjugates the people to an authority which is an absolute violation of the 9th Article, and as it would have to be lawfully litigated within the common law, it would be immediately struck down by we the people. That is why Stinkin’ Lincoln’s henchmen, taken over by Andrew Johnson’s henchmen, in violation of the 9th Article, removed the legislatures of the southern states that refused to ratify the 14th Amendment and put those states under martial law, so their subordinates in the military could ratify the treason that they committed upon the people.
    Ask any American, would you rather have authority over yourself, which is the definition of liberty, or would you rather have a government authority over you? I think the consensus would be unanimous.
    The 14th Amendment not only named the people as subjects without right and property of the corporate states, who were to grant them privileges and immunities making them higher authorities than the people, it also claims us as their property through subjugation and declares that we and all we used to own is theirs to dispense with as they please.
    This ignorant bitch read a script and does not understand that we the people have held the power since 1791 that assures freedom, liberty, and justice for all, and puts the government in a box wherein they can hold no authority whatsoever over we the people as individuals, yet we the people in our individual capacity can drag them from their fiduciary offices as individuals using our original superior jurisdiction into our common law courts and have them hung for intentionally trying to usurp our authority, or abolish them completely for crimes against our people in attempting to remove our superior jurisdictional authority over our individual beings and over OUR sovereign nation.
    There is no argument that can be presented that could save any one of them from having their f-king neck stretched for the blatant violation of our law and our absolute jurisdictional authority, and they f-king know it.
    And yeah, there was no place to comment at Youtube on this blatant orchestrated bullshit but it does show that the Bill of Rights is gaining more understanding by the people every day.
    The unlawful creation of the United States Corporation and the 14th Amendment prosecuted under the 9th and 10 Articles will hang every f-king one of them, by the law.
    Just think how much money was spent on this little documentary, but it is to no avail. We have the absolute right to our common law court. They have been unlawfully removed so we have the absolute right under the 2nd Article to reinstate them by force, and as we are at war with these international communist sons of bitches, the process is already in motion. They cannot win because we are right by our law, which is the highest law in this land as we are the highest and original jurisdiction over this land.

    1. Geez Henry, how you know as much as you do about our Law is astounding to me. Much respect. And I can only hope your words reach the right eyes and ears to let people know the power lies with us, We-The-People. I especially hope that our black brothers and sisters can hear this in the midst of the clatter of these times where divide-and-conquer is pushed endlessly upon us. For myself, I try to keep learning many of the things you hit upon.

      Seems that at the bottom of all that is written there should be an ending clause warning:


      And to “running our own life” I know it must always be added, “as long as we do not infringe on anyone else’s rights.” Ain’t that the glorious beauty of it all? The Bill of Rights lives as a most win/win reality, a way of life where NO ONE IS LEFT OUT.


    2. The reason the comments on YouTube were shut off
      Is because they don’t want their ass handed to them like you just did

      Any “news” story or video that has its comments turned off are against the truth getting out

  4. Here’s one of their emails from their website, clearly they do not want any Real Time, Reality checks to their BS..

    So, Send them a quip about their treason… They ain’t educating anyone…. more usurpation and willful criminal intent for sedition and treason.


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