Big Brother policing; the smell of marijuana can lead to your arrest


Denver, CO – When citizens of Denver inevitably complain about the smell of legalized marijuana, it will be a job for the “Nasal Ranger” to sniff out justice.

“Futurama’s” Professor Farnsworth isn’t the only one with a powerful smelloscope. In Denver, when a complaint is filed about marijuana odor in an area, the Department of Public Health’s Ben Siller is called out with his field olfactometer to sniff around and see if the law has been broken.  

Siller told 7News that he’s mostly called out to smell marijuana odor complaints from businesses that grow marijuana, not from marijuana smokers enjoying some legal weed in the privacy of their own homes.

Siller, who has been investigating odor complaints for 26 years, uses the department’s Nasal Ranger device to determine how strong the odor is and if a violation has occurred.

The Denver Post reports that the odor has to reach a level of 8:1 or greater which can mean a fine of up to $2,000. But that hasn’t happened since 1994.

“It has to be a very strong odor,” Siller said to The Denver Post for the Nasal Ranger to identify an odor that exceeds even the 7:1 ratio, which generally is of a very strong industrial odor.

“We are going to be increasing our staff level, adding a person that would be devoted strictly to dealing with marijuana,” environmental operations manager Gary Lasswell told7News.

The Nasal Ranger is a portable odor detecting and measuring instrument that can quantify odor strength in ambient air, according to device developers St. Croix Sensory. The stink-measuring device, and its developers in Stillwater, Minn. — which also hold odor training classes for individuals interested in becoming master sniffers — were featured on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels “Stink” episode exploring smelly science.

Recently, the Denver City Council was considering making the smell of marijuana, or even the sight of someone smoking marijuana, illegal if it could be smelled or seen by others, but have not yet reached a decision on the ordinance.

“Odor can be subjective,” Council President Mary Beth Susman told the Post. “It’s hard to legislate odor. The strength that is required to register on the Nasal Ranger is something we need to look at. I also wonder if people will get used to the smell and the dislike of it now may change over time.”

12 thoughts on “Big Brother policing; the smell of marijuana can lead to your arrest

  1. Anything to start sh!t. Them pot cops better look out is all I`m sayin. Pot growers and pot users have been wrongly persecurted for far too many years and times are gonna change real soon and these cops better start understanding that.

  2. digger, It is more profitable for the US Military to guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan then arrest pot smokers in the US and keep them incarcerated at tax payers expense in the US. I think Michael said it best, “More proof that The War on Drugs is actually designed to eliminate the competition, and leave ONLY the drug fields sponsored by the Elite” The elimination the competition it all comes down to money. If people can be arrested for a smell, are farts next?

    The US has become so FUBAR. The once crown jewel of planet earth, America is being destroyed by the elite and zionist and there seems to be no way to stop it. When all the salves are gone and the world has been brought to ruin by these bastards then they will reap their just reward.

    I think these people are clueless about money, there is no money only pixels on a screen.

    1. “……It is more profitable for the US Military to guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan then arrest pot smokers in the US and keep them incarcerated at tax payers expense in the US.

      Dead wrong, Other Mark.

      The privatized prison system in this country is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Why do you think they put so many people in prison for petty b.s.? The so-called ‘government’ has a contract with the prison owners to keep them at 95% capacity.

      I’m surprised you didn’t know this. We’ve posted a number of articles on FTT on that very subject.

      1. NWO I Knew that I did not mention it because I thought it I did would be off topic. We were addressing the smell

  3. I’d say the smell of bull*hit is about 10:1. How on earth can cannabis offend when people stand next to traffic with unburned hydrocarbons rushing in their lungs and don’t complain. Ironic those cars can be fueled with the same non-toxic plant as well.

  4. There is no more beautiful of a smell than a freshly picked ty bud, being stuffed into a bamboo bong filled with freshly brewed strawberry shine.

    A little bit of heaven….. Smell away asswipes.

  5. Who names these devices, Nasal Ranger Device, really?lol!
    Yeah, The Other Mark @ 8:10 I wouldn’t be surprised if they start handing these out to utility companies or they make up energy czarettes /Or the fart squads that go out to farmers fields and charge farmers if cow farts range anywhere on the nasal device. Then they could charge them more in carbon taxes, or even making them for use on the smell of alcohol (Since some people find the smell offensive) the nasal rangers could then go into bars just before close and sniff out fines for the bar owner. Possibilities are endless……….(<sarc)

  6. Millard from diggerdan’s, These cops remind me of people that fit the definition of “fart sniffing ass kissers”. @Mark Shumacher’ diggerdan and I wish we were there to partake.

    1. Hey Digger and Millard,
      Millard heard you come up on air, what happened with your computer?
      Ours went out Fri., ended up we had to get a new battery (Router not too long ago?) in garage.
      When we started the puters back up yesterday, 2 of them (That we put in service pack 3 from the Windows site) were really slow. So did the hard shut down, faster now.
      Just wondering how yours got messed up?
      Diggers got my email so you/he can let me know that way if you guys want.
      Thanks, and hope you guys have a great evening!

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