Bill Gates Unleashing His Genetically Modified Mosquitos

6 thoughts on “Bill Gates Unleashing His Genetically Modified Mosquitos

  1. I’m pretty sure you can take down a helo with an ought 6 and proper placement.. I cannot understand why NOBODY is taking a shot.. they won’t report on us doing anything but we will.. if someone had shot that bastard down I think this same video would’ve gotten out.. maybe not.. I don’t know.. its excruciatingly depressing. I’m so sick of feeling nothing but hate and anger.. I have no joy or love in my heart or life.. EVERYTHING pisses me off!

    1. Hey Mike, I think anyone who knows what we’re up against goes through those same depressions and feelings of being consumed with “hate and anger.” As difficult as it is to endure all that there’s a plus side in knowing we see the evil, see it coming at us, and that gives the opportunity to do something about it, face it, help destroy it. It might not bring immediate joy but it opens a pathway to it, knowing we’re going after the bast*rds and bringing The Bill of Rights to its rightful place assuring our future is our own.

      And one other positive… You are here, at The Trenches, the NO BACKING DOWN site. I raise my glad to you for that.


      1. I don’t know how I could have ever gotten through these past 3 to 4 years without everything I have been able to learn and even to apply to the journey if it hadn’t been for the Trenches. That Bill of Rights and how it is being taught here with the things I read by the other Trenchers has really helped me to power through the bullsh*t without flinching.

        1. You will be rewarded someday and, all will see what you contributed to the restoration. Thank you Sister , The fight is going to end and War can not be avoided. We will not back down We will fight this … True Americans cannot be divided.

          1. Being that I live in Canada, raised up to believe I Iive in a free country, directly across the border from Detroit, I grew up exposed to American culture as well. When I started learning the true freedom law of December 15, 1791, that’s when I really started to begin to understand its importance to someone living in Canada under tyranny. I recognized it immediately. When we were hit with the corona bologna bullshit, I really started talking more and more about the American Bill of Rights. One day, I got into an argument with someone who said, “if you love that American law so much, why don’t you get the hell out of Canada and move to the US, then?” My reply was, “if you love tyranny so much, why don’t YOU get the hell out of Canada and move to China?” Our freedom laws here say that in Canada we have always had certain unalienable rights, but the difference is that we can have all the rights in the world, but if we can’t exercise them or enforce them when push comes to shove, what good are they? I love the American Bill of Rights because it is a genuine freedom law with everything in it that guarantees freedom of the individual as long as you not only exercise that freedom, but enforce it as well. Thankfully, I am learning the true value of what that really means. That law gives you the power to do it without flinching. 🙂

    2. Me too Mike, very well put and it is exactly why I dont want to wake up in the fckg morning!! It is very depressing. Now I wake up every morning remmembering I got some prosecutors try park a load up my ass!! I didnt think see this at 60 years old and on top of it I physically sick every fckg day PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!

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