Black Ferguson Resident: “Why Didn’t They Shoot Those Looters?”

Published on Aug 16, 2014 by jim hoft

One Ferguson resident responds to Friday nights mass destruction in Ferguson, Missouri.


4 thoughts on “Black Ferguson Resident: “Why Didn’t They Shoot Those Looters?”

  1. “Why were those officers standing back? Why didn’t they shoot those looters or whatever that was away? It makes no sense to me.”

    Exactly. It makes no sense until you understand that it is the enemy forces in occupation of the government and police who staged the violence in order to institute martial law and to terrorize the people of the neighborhood. And perhaps distract attention away from the continued invasion of the southern border, and the Israeli gangsters committing genocide of the Palestinians, and the bankster- and US-supported communist coup of Ukraine. Then it makes sense in a very sick, amoral criminal sort of way.

    1. Also because their only REAL concern is killing those who believe in the Bill of Rights and Constitution (and have weapons), and are opposed to the so-called ‘government’.

      Actually, they have no problem killing ANYONE with weapons (even drills), patriot or not. If any of those ‘looters’ had fired at them, you best believe they would have responded with maximum overkill.

  2. If they let the cops and store owners shoot the thieves robbing them this shit would stop immediately! The cops sure don’t have a problem shooting someone during and arrest or a traffic stop so why stand there like fools during a f@#king robbery?

    1. Because its about letting the urban primate go wild so they can come to whitey with the solution. If we give up our guns of course.

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