Check this out. War is a racket. Probably our missing Ukrainian money.

Raytheon in McKinney, TX looks like it’s expanding their facilities all of a sudden. To the left of the constructed building is a whole facility about the same size as that one and has been in existence for years. Unfortunately the trees are in the way of my shot, so I couldn’t grab the footage if it. Continue reading “Raytheon in McKinney, Texas”

Gateway Pundit – by Larry Johnson

What a difference a decade makes. There was a time when the United States would talk to Russia with at least the pretense of respect. Remember this exchange between then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and then Barack Obama before his reelection? Continue reading “Americans Better Wake Up and Realize the Russians Are Genuinely Pissed Off”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

On Monday Elon Musk posted a tweet urging a de-escalation in the Russian War on Ukraine.

Musk fears any escalation would cause great harm to not only Ukraine but the world.  Continue reading “Lindsey Graham Threatens Elon Musk After He Calls for De-escalation in Ukraine-Russia War”

The Blaze – by Carlos Garcia

Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris said at a forum that the Biden administration would focus on “communities of color” when doling out aid related to climate change.  Continue reading “Kamala Harris says climate crisis aid should be given out ‘based on equity’ to ‘communities of color’ and women”

LifeSiteNews – by Joel S. Hirschhorn

Imagine parents finding their teenage sons dead in their beds in the morning with no prior indications that they were seriously ill. Imagine the heartache of parents who bought into the coercion and propaganda to get their kids vaccinated despite all the CDC data showing little risk of serious health impacts from COVID for children. Now their kids have died in their sleep shortly after getting the shots. Continue reading “Autopsies show people are dying from COVID jabs”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

The Windsor police moved in this morning and started removing the Freedom Convoy Truckers from the Windsor Ambassador Bridge from Canada to the US.

The Canadian police had started to remove protesters at the Ambassador bridge in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where a blockade has been stationed need the Canada/U.S. border. Continue reading “WINDSOR POLICE MOVE IN – Begin Removing Protesters Blocking Ambassador Bridge to US — Snipers on the Roof – City Buses Arrive for Arrests — Media Warned to Move Back”

Yahoo News

A deputy district attorney and up-and-coming Republican political star in California’s Orange County has died abruptly after telling friends she contracted COVID-19.

Kelly Ernby, a presumed candidate for the state Assembly in 2022, was only 46 years old. According to the Los Angeles Times, she fell ill shortly after speaking out against vaccine mandates at a rally organized by Turning Point USA on Dec. 4. Continue reading “California Deputy DA Who Fought Vaccine Mandate Dies Abruptly After Falling Ill With COVID at Age 46”

Yahoo News – New York Times

In the last days of the battle against the Islamic State group in Syria, when members of the once-fierce caliphate were cornered in a dirt field next to a town called Baghuz, a U.S. military drone circled high overhead, hunting for military targets. But it saw only a large crowd of women and children huddled against a river bank.

Without warning, a U.S. F-15E attack jet streaked across the drone’s high-definition field of vision and dropped a 500-pound bomb on the crowd. Then a jet dropped one 2,000-pound bomb, then another.  Continue reading “How the U.S. Hid an Airstrike That Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria”