6 thoughts on “Boko Haram Slaughters 1,000 Christians – Cook Them Alive and Chop Them to Pieces!

  1. Looks to me like they’ve been armed by a state and haven’t fashioned their weaponry from camel dung. Who arms these barbarians? Cui bono? That Boko Haram ’bout to turn me a whiter shade of pale.(By the way would they be any less dead if they weren’t Christians?) I guess if I was a wise cannibal I’d chop them to pieces first to speed cooking time and maximize production. I assume they haven’t practiced the art for enough time to have perfected it.

  2. Gotta call b.s. on this one. They may be stone cold killers, but cannibalism is a far cry from murder.

  3. That’s what they’ll be saying about us in the near future. American Militia Slaughters 1,000 Amish – Cook Them Alive and Chop Them to Pieces!

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