Boots on the ground? Why Glenn thinks we should all heed Ron Paul’s warning

Not a fan of Beck but I want to say this loud and clear, my nephew who is in the navy trained as a medic is being shipped out along with the marines in April to Syria. I’ve known about this for a couple of months now and if you want to post this at the top above this article I think everyone should know

Glenn Beck

As the polls started to close, former Senator Ron Paul tweeted out a dire warning about what would happen with a Republican-controlled Senate.  

“Republican control of the Senate = expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming!”

During his election coverage, an audience member asked what would happen with the relationship between the U.S. and Israel going forward.

“It couldn’t get worse,” he said. “I happen to agree with Ron Paul. Ron Paul just issued a statement and said look out, with the Republicans coming in their solution for ISIS is going to be boots on the ground.”

“The John McCain’s and the Mitch McConnell’s, that’s the way they understand the Middle East. At the same time, there is hope because the Republicans are going to stand by Israel. But my support for Israel isn’t to put boots on the ground, it’s to say ‘Israel we love you, go do what you have to for your country.’”

Glenn added the President and the radical Left are no friends of Israel.

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    1. All I can verify is the phone call and conversation I had sorry. I wish I could say I’m joking, but I’m not!

      1. Well I was just thinking if marines had orders to be deployed…seems like that would be telegraphing intentions.

    1. I would be VERY much more surprised if it’s not true. The US has had a hard-on for Assad and Syria’s reserves, PLUS it has no Rothschild Central Bank – all the ingredients to be listed as a “brutal dictatorship” or “terrorist nation”.

      Obama/Graham’s exposed nuke-detonation off the Easter seaboard was a failed attempt at a False Flag against the US, so they could incite the Sheeple into another illegal invasion (“Syria has nuked us!!!!”), and as General Clark said, he’d seen the ‘invasion list’ pre-9/11 of the countries the US wanted to invade, once ‘Operation 9/11’ succeeded, and got the approval of the American sheep to go kill innocent people in the Middle East. Syria and Iran are the only two that have not fallen, and Iran and Russia have stated they will come to Syria’s aid if there is an invasion.

      WW3, anyone?

      Plain and simple, ‘they’ want Syria – the people that actually run the government. I expected a False Flag – I really did – on 9/11, but as a friend informed me, the sheep had already been terrified ISIS was just about to chop off everyone’s head in the USA, so the lie was sold without killing thousands.

      ~ Occams

  1. There are a couple prophecies from reputable Catholic mystics, who have had visions of a “battle” between Russian and American troops near Aleppo, in Syria, that this would be “part” of a prelude to WW3 which would follow within a few months from that battle and would parallel civil war and revolution in America and all of Western Europe just prior to war with Russia and China.

    There are many, dozens of these Catholic mystics who have had visions of WW3 coming very very soon, suddenly and near without warning. One is Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), mystic and stigmatic, who in the late 1800’s had visions from heaven of WW1, WW2, and WW3 in detail. She describes the Russian attack in three wedges: 1. Russia attacks and overruns all the Scandinavian countries. (Note: Scandinavian authorities have just complained of a “simulated” Russian attack on their countries this last few weeks”. 2. Russia attacks through East Germany to France and Spain. 3. Russia attacks through and with Iran (all of Islam suddenly sides with Russia) to Turkey and Greece and then to Italy, defeating them all. (Note: Pope St. Pius X, and many others, had a vision of Russian troops entering the Vatican and raising their flag over St. Peters and the Pope fleeing over the bodies of all the priests.

    Many others have had the same visions of a massive Russian led and Islamic allies, ravaging through all of Europe, that Russia fields armaments, planes, missiles, tanks and men in numbers the world never imagined they were secretly amassing.

    All this to happen shortly after a Pope dies in the late spring, who returns the Church to all of its former doctrines, rituals, beliefs and condemns and excommunicates Vatican II and all its aftermath and Popes since. These mystics say that Russia attacks Europe in July and America two weeks later. Possibly, possibly this coming late spring is the starting point. A new large war in the Middle East and then three high officials are assassinated in the Balkans signaling the start of WW3, so say these mystics.

    – Sister Lucia of Fatima said April 7,1990: Russia, because it was not converted (all in Russia is a ploy and a mask or facade), attacks Europe and America.
    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961) warned in 1960: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and America with her “secret” armies.
    – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic of reputable character what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities.
    – Read the prophecies of Alois Irimaier: Austrian mystic who also describes the Russia attack on Europe.
    – Read the prophecies of Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, Italian mystic and stigmatic who describes WW3 and the eventual defeat of the Russians.

    Russia wins everywhere for the first year or two and then the tables are turned and “Russia will burn” say the mystics. But over 50% of the world and America die with WW3 preceded by a most violent civil war and revolution in America and Europe.

    Guess we have only six or seven months to find out if these prophecies are true for this coming late spring.

  2. “Republican control of the Senate = expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming!”

    As if the Senate or the House of Congress has any real power, when Obama can sign Executive Orders to do anything he pleases, with or without the Legislative Branch’s approval… and they just sit back, make veiled threats of impeachment, and let him do it!

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