12 thoughts on “Border Patrol reaction to caravan of immigrants headed to US

    1. YES….. simple solutions to the wetback problem that everyone avoids, because the game is to keep shoveling BS while more of them sneak in.

      We’ve been getting 30 years of BS, and now it’s time for ethnic cleansing, because they’ve left us no choice. Wetbacks and Kikes have to go.

  1. “…..Border Patrol union leader Brandon Judd provides insight…..”

    No one needs your “insight”. We need you to guard the goddamn border like you’re supposed to.

    Of course, all the border patrol will ever do is shovel “insight” (BS), and the wetbacks will walk in here and demand that everyone dig a little deeper into their pockets to care for them.

    I’d like to see a caravan of American headed to the border to stop the caravan of wetbacks, and while they’re there, get rid of the feds pretending to guard the border.

    1. Yep, kinda like psychiatry–if you cure all the mentally ill, then you lose all your patients and then you lose your practice, period. If you shut down the border completely, then the govt. will start laying off Border Patrol (until they are used to keep us in, of course). Therefore, keep those borders open…more Border Patrol jobs that way…more taxpayers that way. It’s all about the money.

  2. see if’n i’m right .. all the mothers w/babies in arms up in front looking destitude ..the demtards say ‘LET THEM IN’ .. trump says NO.. demtards say NAZIS..

    1. Demtards?
      What about the Republitards?
      There are no Democrats, there are no Republicans, no liberals, no conservatives, there is just the law or there is not.
      Trump has had the authority since day one to shut it down and deport every goddamn one of them. He just committed treason in advocating for and then signing further infringements on our 2nd Article.
      Don’t try to act like that son of a bitch is any less than the international communist traitor he is.

      1. i stand noted.. coke an pepsi .. no difference at all .. all it is is cola.. NFC / AFC, all it is , is football.. i get it.. red team / blue team.. they could care less if your red team or blue team as long as your spinning in that cycle.. when your not ,, they get worried..

        it is what it is.. the best person will never become potus.. you gotta kiss kissingers ring to get there..it’s an agenda always was.. frog in the pot little by llittle.. they got their chipping hammers chipping 24 / 7 chipping away..

        stay healthy don’t weaken , thanks for what you do..

  3. A Soros wet-dream. And of course Fox, feigning concern, delivers ultra-light fare, when it should, like all other media, damn well be screaming in alarm, objection, disgust!! Oh, I forgot, Arabs own the media. Ha!! And not once in the segment do we hear the words “Invasion!!” or “Invaders!!”

    I have a heaviness in me from this, like walls closing in. A seizing anger rising up inside me. A seizing anger.


      1. Uh-huh. And we have to find what FUN we can. I’ve always had the title of a book in my head, a book that never got written:

        “The Value of Nonsense”

        Well whatever helps, eh?


        1. Truth be told, galen, I preferred it when it wasn’t mandatory to retain what little is left of my sanity. 🙁

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