Boston Bombing, Rare Footage From Watertown Shootout

Published on May 12, 2013 by 1MPR3551V37H1NK1NG

This is video from watertown, when the gunfire sounds died down, an eyewitness shot this video. It’s just amateur, but this has cleared up the voices a little. Turn the volume up, or try on headphones if anything isn’t clear.

Used: EQ, noise reduction (audacity) and vocal trap, as well maximization.

The individual arrested is dressed in the same khaki pants and black jacket as Tamerlan was seen in. He seems to have a russian accent.

At the end of the video one can hear an exchange of screams, one from the arrested person “Dzhokhar!” and the other from a distance party “Tamerlan!”.

According to the eyewitness this man was later stripped of clothes. The arrested individual can be heard prior asking repeatedly for his rights, and he is denied “nope”. In other video from big headphone, we can hear the police confirming after arrest that “its him”.

Sent to us by a reader.

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