BREAKING: ‘Numerous law enforcement officers’ shot in standoff in Charlotte, North Carolina

By Hannah Nightingale – The Postmillennial

BREAKING: 'Numerous law enforcement officers' shot in standoff in Charlotte, North Carolina

Multiple law enforcement officers in Charlotte, North Carolina have been shot in an “active situation,” police said.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department urged people to avoid the area of the 5000 block of Galway Drive, and said that the scene is still active, with “numerous law enforcement officers” being struck by gunfire.

“Avoid the area. Many roads are closed for faster ambulance transport. Please cooperate with authorities,” the department added.


Sources told WCCB that three US Marshals were killed in the shooting.


Sources told WSOC-TV that two officers were shot in their legs and one in the chest.


“The US Marshals Task Force, which is comprised of officers from multiple agencies, was conducting an investigation in the area of the 5000 block of Galway Dr when they were engaged by active gunfire from a subject,” CMPD wrote.

“Multiple law enforcement officers have been struck by the gunfire and are being transported to the hospital. The CMPD SWAT team is currently on the scene.”

The US Marshals Fugitive Task Force was reportedly attempting to serve a warrant in the area when shots were fired, police said.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: ‘Numerous law enforcement officers’ shot in standoff in Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Excellent!! apparently it’s a lot worse because they’re being very vague.. usually it’s “non life threatening injuries” and gunman has been killed.. but they ain’t saying that!!

  2. “an “active situation,” police said.“


    Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a new buzzword for the decade. Instead of “active shooters”, we will now be having “active situations”.

    Stay tuned for the year 2034 when people will be flying drones without permission and the new buzzword will be “active flyers”.

    This is hilarious!

  3. this is the shit you get for infringing on that mans rights me in the Bill of Rights where it says he couldn’t own a weapon the tyrants lost as far as I see .. 4 to 1 aint good odds , yet the idiot blue stripe is going to keep jackbooting us until the river of their blood washes them down the stream of history looking at it like they Fcked around and found out

    we’re all enemies of the state ..act accordingly .. this man knew when he saw that army of bootlickers come up his drive that he wasn’t coming out of there alive no mater if he complied or not

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