Who Brought the Slaves to America – Walter White Jr.

Published on Apr 18, 2013 by up2space

the truth about slavery and why we are all suffering because of it. Walter White Jr is a mixed race person. The black holocaust. 6 million? 99 million. Only 1/10 of the black africans taken on slave ships survived the voyage to the slave trade ports. Slavery does not have its origins in white power supremacy or the so-called idea of manifest destiny attributed to European colonialism.

2 thoughts on “Who Brought the Slaves to America – Walter White Jr.

  1. Dear black folks. This is NO time to stop now….you had a great idea…reparations are indeed required for your people. ( although exactly how you personally never suffered thru slavery, but now you want money for something you never experienced…well….)
    However, it does matter to whom you accuse blame. We ain’t the ones! If you are really concerned about justice….go ask israel for the money. WE AREN’T JEWS!!!!! Go burn down tel aviv! The jews brought you here….we didn’t. Now you know.

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