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The secret US prisons you’ve never heard of before

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Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden For the past several months, Democrats have based their “Resist 45” movement on unsubstantiated assertions that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian intelligence officials to undermine the 2016 Presidential Election thereby ‘stealing’ the White … Continue reading

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John Quade/John Saunders – Pastors of the American Revolution

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NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

Corbett Report The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military psyop. That psyop continues to be deployed on unsuspecting populations and it is just as useful as ever, but today’s tricksters have donned the mantle of philanthropy, and their Trojan … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Senate approves bill to boycott Israel goods

Middle East Monitor The Irish Senate has voted to approve a bill that would see the country boycott goods from illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, paving the way for the country to become the first EU nation to enforce … Continue reading

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Forest Service keeps SuperTanker grounded as Colorado wildfires explode

Free Range Report – by Marjorie Haun Some of the worst wildfires in Colorado history have raged this summer, with new ones flaring up daily. Thus far, the massive Spring Creek fire–the third worst in state history–has burned over 104,000 … Continue reading

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Constitution Con? 11 Hidden Facts

Activist Post – by Susan Boskey Note: A reader of  this article on another website commented that I had the timeline incorrect regarding the release of the Federalist Papers. When I checked (yet again), I found out h/she was correct. The first … Continue reading

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A federal judge has concluded that the Constitution doesn’t require schools to promote students’ literacy.

The Atlantic – by Alia Wong What to do when a school is infested with vermin, when textbooks are outdated, when students can’t even read? Perhaps the answer is sue the government. That’s what seven students in Detroit have done. … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Says Foreign Nationals Have No Due Process Rights Here

PoliZette News – by Matt O’Brien President Donald Trump recently suggested that illegal aliens should be sent back to their countries of origin without hearings and the years of litigation that often follow. He branded the current process, which permits illegal aliens to repeatedly … Continue reading

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125 years ago you did’t have to ask permission from the government to…

Investment Watch

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In Newly Obtained Memo, Congress’s Top Cop Said House Democratic Caucus Server VANISHED

The Daily Caller – by Luke Rosiak A secret memo marked “URGENT” detailed how the House Democratic Caucus’s server went “missing” soon after it became evidence in a cybersecurity probe. The secret memo also said more than “40 House offices … Continue reading

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Facebook now banning users for criticizing gay indoctrination video targeting children as young as five years old

Natural News – by Ethan Huff Comments that contain anything even remotely critical of the cultural bulldozer known as the LGBT agenda are apparently no longer permitted on Facebook, which recently banned a former university professor for “hate speech” after he raised … Continue reading

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Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians during nuclear deal: Iran official

Fox News The Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians, including family members of government officials, while negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, a senior cleric and member of parliament has claimed. Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour, who is chairman of Iran’s parliamentary nuclear committee and a … Continue reading

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Left-Right Wing

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Five thousand inventions in limbo and under “secrecy orders” at the US Patent Office

Jon Rappoport In light of the resurgence in the news this past week regarding President Trump’s announcement of a proposed ‘Space Force’, as a new, sixth branch of the military (see here and here), I’m re-posting my article on secret patents… For many … Continue reading

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GMO grass is creeping across Oregon

High Country News In the failing light of an unusually warm January day, Jerry Erstrom and I race along a dirt track behind Rod Frahm’s white pickup. Here, near Ontario, Oregon, a stone’s throw from the Idaho border, Frahm grows … Continue reading

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Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934

AFN Quotations from several speeches made on the Floor of the House of Representatives by the Honorable Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania. Mr. McFadden, due to his having served as Chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee for more than … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Delivers Blow for Freedom!

Consitution – by Onan Coca In the wake of their decision on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, the Supreme Court has overturned a judgment against Washington state florist and Christian Barronelle Stutzman. On Monday the court told Washington’s state supreme court to “reconsider” … Continue reading

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The Jeff Sessions Cannabis Crackdown Has Arrived—And It’s Awesome

Leafly – by Bruce Barcott This isn’t the cannabis crackdown Jeff Sessions envisioned. Back in the early days of 2017, when the newly ensconced attorney general had the cannabis industry popping Xanax and praying twice on Sunday, Sessions loved to … Continue reading

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More Evidence of Political Coverup in Dem IT Security Scandal

Judicial Watch More evidence has surfaced about the disturbing political coverup of grave national security violations committed by the Pakistani who ran House Democrats’ information technology. His name is Imran Awan and last year he was arrested on bank-fraud charges … Continue reading

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