Butthurt: “App Lets Gun Enthusiasts Track Down Gun Control Advocates’ Home Addresses”

The Real Revo – by Jim22

This crybaby article is from Think Progress. Anti-gun people have been publishing names, addresses, and contact information of legal gun owners for some time. Now the tactic has been reversed. Gun owners can now know where the anti-gun people are.  

Only one person’s full address was released on the Gunfree app, and it belonged to Brett Stalbaum, an associate visual arts professor for the University of California, San Diego, who specializes in digital aesthetics. It appears the main reason the app surfaced was retribution for one that he made.
Stalbaum, whose work address and phone number were listed, created a gun safety app called “Gun Geo Marker,” which was released in the Google Play Store in 2013, lets local communities anonymously note places where guns are at risk of being misused, such as where one can openly carry a firearm.”



2 thoughts on “Butthurt: “App Lets Gun Enthusiasts Track Down Gun Control Advocates’ Home Addresses”

  1. The anti-gun advocates are tomorrows parasites who you’ll have to shoot when they’re clawing at your front door for a can of Dennison’s Chile. Them and the ” blue helmets “. I predict it will pop-off in California where I am when the water gets tight. Coming soon, are you preped ??? I damn sure am. And don’t forget, California was the ” bread basket ” of fruits, nuts, and vegetables for the world. Those days are gone forever . . .

  2. Henry Kissinger: ” Control the oil, and you control nations, control the food, and you control the people ” . . . Nuff said ??? Oh, he didn’t mention water, did he ??? Well ( no pun intended ) it’s ” part of the plan ” . . .

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