8 thoughts on “Fairfield, Ca Chemtrails

  1. have had clear blue skies yesterday and today here. What a relief. I’m sure they have something up their sleeve though.

    Get your face mask out Ray.

  2. Got hammered with Chemtrails in San Leandro, CA today ( San Francisco East Bay, next town south of Oakland ). Went out to feed the neglected kitties at 7:20 this morning, and the damn things were everywhere, and the ” graying ” of the entire sky had already commenced. Was still too sleepy from no sleep to capture images. For those who doubt: Dane Wigington on YouTube, and:

    Eugenic, de-population, Georgia Guide Stones in action. DON’T ACCEPT VACCINES, AND FIGHT TYRANNY !!!

      1. Still not quite as bad as that sh#thole L.A., Cynicles.

        Plus it rains a good bit here, helps to wash it down I guess (hope, actually).

  3. They pounded us yesterday and today 4/3-4/15 here in AZ. If it happens tomorrow, I will post the pictures. I educated a few teenagers on Friday when they were spraying and today they said that they are now interested in knowing more, so I sent them to geoengineeringwatch.org.

    It feels good when the light shines from truth.

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