Cal. Gov. Gavin Newsom Appears to be Suffering From a Bad Reaction to Covid 19 Booster

Santa Monica Observer – by Samuel Alioto

A week after abruptly canceling plans to attend the United Nations climate summit in Scotland, California Gov. Gavin has receded from public view to deal with unspecific “family obligations,” reports the AP.

When the surprising announcement was made Oct. 29, his office said Newsom planned to participate virtually in the conference this week. But he did not. Spokesperson Erin Mellon now says he will appear virtually next week, said the AP. 

Newsom’s last public appearance was Oct. 27, when he received a coronavirus booster shot. His office did not respond to questions Friday about what the governor has been doing this week.

The CDC’s website says that side effects to Covid boosters, are often more intense than side effects on the first go around. “Side effects after your second shot may be more intense than the ones you experienced after your first shot. These side effects are normal signs that your body is building protection and should go away within a few days,” writes the CDC.,within%20a%20few%20days.

“The benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the known and potential risks. Rare cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the outer lining of the heart) in adolescents and young adults have been reported more often after getting the second dose than after the first dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.”

The Covid vaccines are powerful medications, and many people do suffer side effects. It is unclear just how sick Gov. Newsom feels, or when he might return to work. But the vagueness of “family obligations” and the timing of his disappearance, by themselves imply the real reason for his absence from the public arena.

Santa Monica Observer

12 thoughts on “Cal. Gov. Gavin Newsom Appears to be Suffering From a Bad Reaction to Covid 19 Booster

  1. Booster, eh? Since it’s a strong possibility he never even got the vaxx at all (since the elites almost never do but there are “exceptions that prove the rule” right?)…but if he got the usual placebo given to the criminal psychos, was this “placebo” actually a “vengeance” (as in “vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord” type of vengeance)? Hmmmmmmm…. will Grusome suffer the same fate as that Rowe guy/gal/whatever?

  2. ALL these Governor’s and other authoritarian assholes need to be suffering from a bad reaction to lead…

    Fkn scum traitors

    1. Well that is a vaccination that would be beneficial for all . we keep asking when is enough enough and they keep piling it on. We might need a bigger scale to measure the amount if there is one .

  3. I don’t for one second believe this POS took the shot, but if something is giving him a bad reaction, GOOD! Die mother f-ker, die. Just die.

    1. A woman commented on Telegram that with the call for a Double, perhaps there is a death threat, and he’s laying low, ‘blame it on Covid’ – which is de rigueur these days, and let the Double, masked of course, take the bullet.


  4. There has been a Casting Call issued for ‘Newsom look-alikes’ –

    But to be honest?

    I 100% sincerely doubt he could be so stupid as to go inject this crap simply to promote this hoax when all these other politicians and celebs have have had blatantly obvious phony injections


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