Cali Geiger Readings Consistently 10X ‘Normal’ Levels

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

There have been reports of pockets and areas showing a 500 percent spike in radiation in California and times as high as 1,400 percent, but the question the MSM and local California media refuses to ask is what is the consistent readings along the beaches of California, what increased percentage is the new “norm,” for them?

In the video below anchored by David Knight, he shows a crew, including JaKari Jackson, with a Geiger counter walking along the California beach and their findings are consistently high, at times spiking to 1,200 times what local officials publicly claim to be safe and normal levels.  

As you watch the videos below, showing the readings as they move along the beach, remember that the “normal” level is said to be 30 and readings are showing 168, 188, 220 and at one point 352.

Well over 10 times the normal levels consistently.

Where is the media? Why are they not reporting this each and every single day, warning people, issuing alerts as to what they can do to protect themselves because there are measures that can be taken to minimize the damage and by refusing to acknowledge the levels, the government and the media are complicit in literally murdering the American people in the minds of many.

For the record, people can debate all day long whether this constant high level of radiation is from the Fukushima nuclear plant that was devastated in 2011 from an earthquake and tsunami and has been spewing radiation across the Pacific and dumping radioactive water into the Pacific since.

The bottom line here is whatever it is from, the government is hiding it, the media is not doing their job, which is to inform the public and that should be a criminal offense that the government and MSM should be held accountable for.

4 thoughts on “Cali Geiger Readings Consistently 10X ‘Normal’ Levels

  1. Its all good tho……….. nuke industry officials are just trying to pre-cook our food
    before we get it so it doesnt make us sick(sick joke) these are sick phukkers.

  2. *************************************************************************************



    Dear Stupid & Gullible Americans,

    We here at the US Govt’s Minsitry Of Propaganda,…ERrrrrr,.. I mean,… CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Fox, and all the other commie,.. errrr,.. I mean patriotic media outlets, are appalled at the suggestion that any of this radiation is from our good friends in Japan.

    As EVERYONE knows,… Fukishima is completely under control,… safe,.. and almost ready to restart operations,.. thereby PROVING how safe nuclear energy is!!

    According to our communist think-tanks,… Uhhmmm,… I mean researchers,…. all this radiation is CLEARLY the result of Global Warming,.. Climate Change,… as is the record breaking cold we have been experiencing!!!

    This clearly indicates that we need to institute a Global Warming Carbon Tax NOW!!!! Before the radiation and cold get even worse!!!

    In fact,.. we here at the US Fed Gov’ts mouthpiece organization, the NOAA,… suggest that everyone should simply start running around screaming hysterically,.. while throwing and waving their arms around in the air in a spastic manner!!!

    In fact,….. we suggest you do it now,… we mean,… RIGHT NOW!,… RUN AROUND!!,.. SCREAM INCOHERENTLY!!!,… NOW!!!!!!

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!,…. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This has been a public service message from your overlords,.. your masters,… the Enemy-Force-In-Occupation of the USA.

    Thanks You – R.J. Pissonu

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