21 thoughts on “California : cop says selling ammunition is bizarre and illegal

  1. Everything is criminal to a cop
    Everything except knowledge of laws and our constitution

    This cop should resign or be fired he is an embarrassment to the badge and the real unconstitutional purpose for cops

    1. Perfectly put. Can you imagine what a disgrace he really is? That video needs to be distributed to all of his family, and most especially to his parents. I wonder what they might have to say to their little boy if they know what he was doing to the population. That is assuming the parents are not ALSO MONSTERS!!!

  2. I think the person selling the ammo is going overboard tho…Wise as a serpent and gentle as a lamb is my motto…This could have been an opportunity to share our constitutional rights and be ok with the officer. This was not the way for the ammo seller to handle this.
    I was at the beach one day, a place where you can park right on the beach. A Oregon State Police officer drove up right next to me and parked. The coolest 4 wheel drive truck too! Anyway, I went over to him, my girlfriend was not happy with me about doing so, but I did it anyway. I had my guitar with me. A beautiful 12 string acoustic. I went to his window and asked if I could sing him a song….He said cool…Before I sang I talked a minute or two about our constitutional rights and why they are so important. Then I sat down in the sand, and sang “a country boy can survive”…He loved it and gave me a few cool things, a badge, a sticker of a badge for my back window etc. You guys can put down all police, but I still see good police. And I am sorry cause I know many here will get mad at me, but hating the police is what George Soros wants and is paying to make happen…So be careful ok?

    1. All I see are crooked cops. Your lucky you found one of these @ssholes in a good mood. Think about your encounter going bad and he tasers and beats the hell out of you. “That would never happen” you may say but I read multiple article everyday about out of control cops abusing people for no reason. I guess, up to this point, you’ve been lucky. If you are ever in a situation where a cop abuses his so called authority, you’ll change your tune.

    2. Sorry hweinhard but I don’t see one good cop anywhere. As Millard said, maybe you caught him in a good mood (if that ever happens). Otherwise, I’m in complete disagreement with you.

  3. The ones we should be mad at is the media and the banksters promoting fear so that neighbors have to call the police because some guy is selling ammo..
    Keep our anger at the head of the snake..

    1. The snake is a hydra, and our anger needs to be directed at those who do it’s bidding, so unless you know how to get through the best possible security money can buy, to get to the elite…

      THEY won’t be the ones coming to kill you personally.

    1. “There’s only a few bad apples”. The “good cops” hallucination is what it is. Blinded by the light, there are stupid people out there every day dialing 911 instead of taking care of business themselves. Most don’t have a pair and should work to grow a couple.

        1. SSDD. I’m gaining hope for a singularity of awakening when we all stand up and say “bullshit”. Or, like that line in the movie goes, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

  4. Don’t you just love how immediately after asking, “Are we in Nazi Germany?” that the police ALWAYS counter that with the psychological Commie question of “Are you mentally with it because you’re not talking normal right now? Are you taking any medication?” even though they clearly know the person is sane? They ALWAYS twist that “Nazi Germany” excuse in order to trap the people into getting them nervous and say something wrong. They try to think their so smart by reversing it back on you. I’m sure DHS has trained them to answer that “Nazi” question that way in their weekly police meetings on “How to handle certain questions”. Sick bastards!

    Other than that, this cop is a complete ass who only knows and cares about city penal codes and not the law.

    I love how he asks, “What’s the difference between a prominent member of society and a citizen?” and how the cop can’t even define answer it.

    By the way, we are NOT citizens who are subject to the local, state or federal government. We are AMERICAN NATIONALS!!!

  5. By the way, this pig cop can’t even put his sunglasses on right. They’re falling off his head. Maybe he should take them off and stop hiding his eyes from his employers like the coward that he is. It’s rude. If I were to go up to my boss with sunglasses, I’m sure he or she would ask me to take them off because it is rude. I take them off because it is common courtesy. Unfortunately, morals are far lacking in pigs.

    1. I’m right there with you on the sunglasses thing
      So much so , that I keep a pair handy if I am ever to have the unfortunate encounter with the Gestapo
      I’ll be sure to put them on and return the disrespect exponentially

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