California governor picks up litter on LA railway

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Woke California Governor Gavin Newsom likened the site of LA freight train package thefts to a shanty town during a photo-op Thursday.

Attending a clean-up at the ravaged rail depot, the Democrat lawmaker exclaimed: ‘It looked like a third world country, these images, the drone images that were on the nightly news. 

‘I took off the suit and tie and said I’m coming because I couldn’t take it,’ he added. ‘I can’t turn on the news anymore. What the hell is going on?’

Newsom’s uncharacteristic plain-speaking comes amid growing outrage at crime across Californian cities, with the plundered freight trains making headlines across the US.

Thieves are targeting the cars as they leave a packing depot, nabbing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods – including COVID tests – many of which are quickly discarded by the side of the tracks.

Newsom is promising statewide coordination as law enforcement and prosecutors go after the scoundrels who’ve been targeting near downtown Los Angeles for months, leaving the tracks blanketed with the litter.

The governor on Thursday, dressed in a T-shirt, baseball cap and coronavirus mask, joined a crew from the state Department of Transportation filling dozens of trash bags with crushed cardboard from packages stolen on their way from retailers to people across the U.S.

Last week TV news stations aired overhead video showing thousands of boxes strewn by thieves along a Union Pacific rail line northeast of downtown in the Lincoln Park area. Footage from NBC4 showed two men, one holding what looked like bolt cutters, walking along the tracks.

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3 thoughts on “California governor picks up litter on LA railway

  1. Months, it’s been going on for months. It wasn’t until it got too much attention that he decided to do a PR photo op! Even still, that’s all it will be. Whose he kidding?!

  2. Picking up trash after the fact instead of dealing with the trash beforehand shows a lack of leadership

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