Can the Cartels Be Stopped? – The American People are the Sovereigns of the Constitution

Freedom Outpost – by David Zuniga

In our Constitution, We The People empower Congress to make laws within its federal aegis.  But most Americans are oblivious to the bedrock fact in American civics:

We The People created our supreme law and through it, we created government.  All of government is under the Constitution, and We The People are sovereigns over it.  We The People created, defined, and severely limited our servant congresses, presidents, and supreme courts.   

However tyrannical and frightening they may appear, these are our servants, strictly constrained by the supreme law.

The key to America’s future is that if enforced, the U.S. Constitution can restore in our generation the liberty that our forefathers enjoyed for 72 years after its ratification.

Politics is Powerless Against the Cartels

As any Mexican, Russian, or Italian can attest: politics cannot arrest crime cartels because politics is the cartels’ public relations vehicle.  They buy corrupt politicians as you would buy an advertising campaign!  No politician or political party will restore our rule of law because the cartels own all three branches of our servant government, plus the regulatory bodies that Congress creates and oversees.

After 150 years of cartel hijacking, the long knives are out and we are under total cartel control.  This constitutional crisis is now as precipitous as the one facing the people of Mexico, who are ‘expatriating’ as quickly as they can to these United States.

In the same way, Americans in record numbers are expatriating to every conceivable paradise and backwater on earth, to escape the growing Leviathan state whose tentacles spread from Washington D.C. to every toilet, light bulb, and doctor’s examining room in America.

Most of us refuse to flee this great republic.  We either put on a false smile as we live out this Orwellian nightmare, or spend half our day complaining to friends or co-workers, yet never doing a thing to improve matters.  We can do better than this.

Proposed Solutions

Productive Americans who honor our Constitution agree about the problem.  But since ratification of the Constitution, each time the cartels passed a law that stole our liberty or skimmed our bank accounts, solutions have been proposed.  These are the major ones:

1)      Armed revolution

2)      Secession (single-state or a confederation)

3)      Nullification by each state, of each illegitimate law and regulation

4)      A third political party

5)      Anarchy (abolish all government)

6)      TEA Party: endless succession of rallies, costumes, posters, banners

7)      Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute, et al

8)      Amend the Constitution in convention (‘ConCon‘)

9)      A shadow government or coup on Washington D.C.

10)    AmericaAgain!

In this installment, we will consider the first five of these proposed solutions to stop the cartels.

Armed revolution

This was not a biblical thing to do, but Jefferson’s eloquent Declaration of Independence asserted that our forefathers had exhausted all other options.

Now we have a Constitution – the acknowledged ‘supreme Law of the Land’ by which We The People and our sovereign States retain almost every imaginable power over our lives, delegating only 17 powers to our servants.  Six generations after our servants stole everything in our house and locked us out, some suggest we take to arms in the streets.

The Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 15) stipulates that one duty of the Citizen Militia is “to suppress Insurrections.”  As a member of my local Militia, my duty would be to stop those who seek armed insurrection even if I agree with their goal.  We don’t violate the Constitution to stop our servants from violating it.


There is almost no chance that any state will ever secede.  God bless the few hundred (few thousand?) families that have relocated to New Hampshire in the ‘Free State Project,’ but New Hampshire residents are still under federal laws, regulations, and predation by countless agencies.

Here in Texas, secession is a popular idea as well.  A few million Texans would love to see our former independent Republic go our own way again.  But our state population exceeds 26 million and growing – as we say in these parts, that dog won’t hunt.

I will not touch on the secession of the Confederacy and Washington D.C.’s answer, which I accurately call the War to Enslave the States; I have covered that ground in past articles.  Suffice to say, secession is tactical folly against a stronger enemy.  It is also politically impossible, as Canadians can attest.  Even in the tiny West Indies confederacy of St. Kitts and Nevis, whose Constitution includes a right of secession, passionate citizens of Nevis seeking to secede have repeatedly failed at the ballot box.


Nullification is the process first proposed by Thomas Jefferson.  When a state’s residents disagree with a new federal law, a state’s legislature passes nullification resolutions or statutes to block it in that state.   I suppose if my Texas Legislature could nullify the 75% of federal agencies, bureaus, departments, programs, projects, and regulations that violate the U.S. Constitution, I might support the idea.

Until a better alternative is in operation, I support seeking to enforce the 10thAmendment through nullification actions by the individual states.  But long-term, it is a bad idea.  First, it is terribly inefficient for each state to spend its citizens’ time and money in a new rear-guard action every time Congress violates the law.  It’s ineffective, too; installing a security fence around one home in a high crime neighborhood does nothing to protect all other homes in the area.  Nullification would eventually create a hodgepodge of constitutional application across the republic.

A Third Party

To believe that a new political party can restore rule of law is naivete of the first order.  No political party has ever repaired our Constitution; on the contrary, the cartels invented the two-party theater (as we explained in this article), and will never allow a third party at the table. As George Washington explained in his Farewell Address, referring to political parties,

However they may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

George Washington described the cartels perfectly, explaining eight generations ago that partisan politics would subvert and destroy the very people that made it powerful.  Anyone in the GOP or Democrat base can vouch for this!


Of all principles of political economy, anarchy is most foolish.  It refuses to acknowledge human nature and the lessons of history.  Law of the jungle cannot replace rule of law.

Five down, five to go.  If you missed the first article in this series, read it here.  In our third and final installment, we assess the last five major proposed solutions to end America’s 150-year hijacking by the cartels.  We will demonstrate that the tenth proposed solution is the only lawful, practical, powerful, permanent weapon to end the rule of cartels in these United States.

6 thoughts on “Can the Cartels Be Stopped? – The American People are the Sovereigns of the Constitution

    1. serious:
      already a headache, pile on the reading
      it is important to get right

      also serious:
      no one has yet devised a universal sheeple translator (UST) a UST on USB could be practical common sense education right now for jury duty before at the end of zerohedge’s time-line lay the unfathomnable re-education in a fema camp. to be educated that bad laws are harming, or good laws are harming, or good law being used bad, or law that should never be causing harm (or vice versa all combinations), whatever it be it needs to be SIMPLIFIED to the language of SHEEPLE with common sense in plain english which nullifies the latin and translators of this insanty. How can anyone possibly obey they law if they don’t speak latin or have a paid translator? they want to shear the sheep, but the sheep need to shear the unconstitutional crusty thin outside layer to get to the soft inside bankster juggluar veins. The latin may be of brevity class, but the sheeple can not see around the river bend to avoid disaster. Why only CERTAIN people can do law?

      1. The “American People”, probably “zero”. However, 240 years ago it didn’t take all of the American people, it took a few. Once that ball began top roll, then more joined in. At best, less than half were active participants, though that was sufficient to achieve the objective — as you can see by looking around you.
        So, to expect a majority to be necessary, well if that worked, elections would work. There wouldn’t need to be an changes made.


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