Capitol Police Break Up Anti-Spying Rally

Published on Jun 14, 2013 by RTAmerica

A couple dozen members of civil rights and activist groups rallied near the Capitol against NSA spying. The protest comes after Edward Snowden leaked information to the media, exposing widespread surveillance by the NSA. But the demonstration did not last very long before Capitol Police broke it up. RT’s Liz Wahl has more.
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4 thoughts on “Capitol Police Break Up Anti-Spying Rally

  1. It’s not just METADATA.

    But I won’t ASK you to TRUST ME. It isn’t like I ran an ISP before and don’t know what I am talking about. These bastards never gave me a NDA. Maybe they sent it to the dead owner instead?

    That’s right I ran an ISP for months (actually about two years), while the owner was dead. I did a pretty good job too! Didn’t get paid a cent.

  2. PERMIT? PERMIT!!! Are YOU F**KING KIDDING ME!! The cop ought to be hanged by the balls with a donut in his mouth. Does he even know the 1st Article of the Bill of Rights? The balls on this guy. Beat the shit out of his donut ass. Make a stand. FIGHT BACK!!! A permit to speak. GO F**K YOURSELF, you pathetic excuse for a police officer! When are these people going to fight back? FIGHT BACK! FIGHT BACK FIGHT BACK!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE are in control NOT THEM!

  3. “Apparently you are demonstrating without a permit. If you do not leave, you are subject to arrest. This is your second warning.” and then walks away. All the while he holds his shirt and microphone in hopes his backup is listening, so he can say, I have a 1 or an 11 here if things get out of control after he makes his illegal speech. Need assistance. Need assistance, while he runs away like a coward. Gee…for someone who thinks he is doing right, he sure is scared shitless. If you ain’t got nothing to hide, then what are you afraid of, Lieutenant?

    Again, another cop who even refuses to hear the people’s side. He’s right and just walks away. No IF, ANDs or BUTs about it. Doesn’t want to listen to the people as a “Peace officer” should. Instead he just runs away like a coward and ignores the people and does his tunnel vision and shuts out his ears to anything or anyone else. Sounds like Round Rock, TX police. They only like to hear themselves talk and hear what they want to hear. Some policeman they are.

    Again. There are no peace officers. Only law enforcers. This proves it.

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