Police show up at a home to arrest an 11 year old. Mother asks to see the warrant. Police arrest mother and leave the 11 year old at home

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Slaton police came to this woman’s house, who wishes to remain anonymous, to arrest her son. But by asking one simple question, she found herself behind bars instead.

“I told him, ‘I will release my son to you upon viewing those orders.’ Those were exactly my words,” The complainant said. “He said, ‘This is how you want to play?’ He took two steps back, turned around to the officer and said, ‘Take her.’ They turned me around, handcuffed me, and took me in.” 

The complainant said she was aware police would be coming to apprehend her 11-year-old son based on a criminal complaint, and that she just wanted to see the warrant. As it turns out, that warrant didn’t exist. She spent the night in jail while her son was left at home.

“He told me it was their duty to come pick up my son,” She said. “Yet, I had someone stay the night at my house. They never came back that evening, they never came to pick up my son, or do what they told me they were there to do in the beginning.”

“This occurred on May 29 when they went out to apprehend this young man,” Dwight McDonald, the family’s attorney, said. “The directive to apprehend was not signed until May 30, which is another indication that they didn’t have the authority to go out and arrest him or apprehend this young man.”

The Slaton Police Department is willing to issue an apology, but McDonald said that’s not enough.

“If she moves out of Slaton and tries to find a job elsewhere, you can Google her name, and at that point, the arrest, my guess is, is going to show up,” McDonald said.

“I will accept an apology, but what is that going to do?” The complainant said. “It’s not going to take my picture off the internet sites that have been posted, from being published in the newspaper, from where I work. I’ve never been in trouble, in 32 years of my life, from anything, and to get thrown in jail because I asked a question is not right.”

McDonald said the Slaton Police Department will issue an apology as long as the mother agrees not to file a lawsuit. He said unless she is compensated for her expenses and the trauma she’s been through, a lawsuit won’t be out of the question.


9 thoughts on “Police show up at a home to arrest an 11 year old. Mother asks to see the warrant. Police arrest mother and leave the 11 year old at home

  1. Our ancestors would have had none of this bullshit.

    To them it would have gone something like this:

    Private property invasion + no warrant = shotgun blast to the head.


  2. Of course the cops will issue a appology. If you or I broke the law will they accept a apology…. What those cops did was the same as kidnapping and false arrest seems to me. Sue them bastards. Just what did they arrest her for anyway – was it for wanting to see invalid arrest warrent, Never knew that was breaking the so called law.

    1. Oh, but Digger, everything we do in Bolshevik USSA breaks some one of their illegal laws in some way, shape, or form!! We have to keep their coffers full, and their privately run slave labor farms, oh I mean prisons, full to pad their pockets. Mark Koernke had a delightful idea on this morning’s Intelligence Report concerning the boys in blue who arrested the kid for wearing an NRA t-shirt to school, and refusing to take it off. I believe Mark said that officer should be stripped naked, tied out on the hood of his patrol car, with some appropriately applied peanut butter on his body, and left in the public square with the lights and sirens on for all to see. Sounds like a very appropriate notification to all other policy enforcers that they could have the “end” result, or perhaps even worse!

      1. Yes Paula, I should start listening to the intelligence report more often, I have only listened to it a few times…. Hell, they should strip those dirty cops, smear them with honey, and let some peed off killer bees have their way, or perhaps tie them cops on a fire ant mound for all to see.

        1. There are no bees available for that work, so it’s the ants or maybe let a hungry BEAR do the work.

          Oh yeah, one of those prisons is called Wackenhut, look it up sometime, down in Adlanto, California (where George AFB used to be)

  3. Let me guess without reading CPS. Right? Okay now I will go back an read.

    Nope not CPS.. oops.. My bad.

  4. Wow! This sounds like my arrest in Round Rock, on my way to the dog park less than a mile from my apartment.

    Let’s see. They wanted to search my car, without a search warrant when all I wanted to do was TAKE MY DOG TO THE DOG PARK!! And when I said no, they called for backup and arrested me without telling me what I was being arrested for and then decided to write up a search warrant right in front of me while I was arrested. Finally they decided to skip the search warrant after I told them it was illegal especially after they arrested me for no reason and then they just decided to arrest me for “interfering with a public servant”. They then impounded my car and took my dog away. All because they saw me driving to the dog park and thought I would be easy prey for them.

    Now I can’t look for a decent job for the past 3 and a half months because of this misdemeanor charge on me that won’t go away until after my court which starts next week, FINALLY! So much for a speedy trial!

    Do I get an apology. HELL NO!! I get the, “You watch too much CSI” or “There you go thinking you are a lawyer again” or the “You follow the Constitution. I follow the Texas state law” excuses by lying incompetent police officers. Or even the response of “You know, I don’t know. In a way, I guess I am” after asking him, “so you are god now?” Officer COX! You know who you are, you COCK!

    1. By the way, she’s 32 and has never been arrested before in her entire life and I am also 34 and have never been arrested before in my entire life. So I know EXACTLY how she feels! F**K the apology! I’m still going through the trauma of it all every single day when I drive or even think about it and I’m still being extorted $2000 from these bastards! So the police can go to hell! Where’s my compensation and justice, you ROUND ROCK BASTARDS!!!!!!???

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