27 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. My name, John McCanestein, honorary criminal, oops, meant to say, ornery criminal.

    Pardon me, my brain gets tied, ugh, meant to say, tongue tied.

    Good bye, I can’t stand any longer, geez, meant to say, I can’t stand myself any longer, and I know you can’t stand me either. Bye, Bye.


  3. My reputation is shot and I’m about to die. So, I am going to make things right with my country and spill the beans on Israel and how they have blackmailed me and almost every elected official in the U.S. I hope all America will forgive me for all the harm I have done. I also hope, that if I finally tell the truth it will save many lives, by putting an end to these endless wars for Israel and possibly my fellow countrymen will find it in their hearts to forgive me because of this atonement.

    1. Not for long…everyone dies. In John’s case he’s going directly to Hell to await Judgment day.

  4. Stop Dave. I’m afraid, Davlad Vlad my mind is going, I can feel it. Daisy, daisy, I’m half crazy…..

  5. Truth is I don’t have brain cancer, I got this scar from hitting my head on the headboard when Netanyahu got a bit rough tagging my balloon knot last week.

  6. I did not eat that banana, it was more like a pickle. Besides, who’s gonna know?

  7. “Hello Ghost Busters, I’ve seen another one. Please respond with plasma guns a blazing as we can’t let this loose on the streets”.

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