19 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Key West city council meeting?
    Perhaps this is my new HR director at work…
    Oh! I know…this is the new Professor of Diversity Studies at my local university! That’s it, isn’t it?

  2. Big Island Volcano Goddess Pele, will be pleased with this sacrifice, throw it into the volcano quickly, before it reproduces.

  3. All that free time being spent in the sun is brutal on a former president’s skin.

    I had sex with chump and I can prove it on video.

    I feel that the gilded doo-doo pile on my hat is the icing on the cake of this ensemble.

    I am a big hit for entertainment at bohemian grove.

    What street is comet pizza on?

    If the dirty church can canonize marx, I am a shoe-in!

  4. Sweet baby Jesus I did not to see something like this in the morning, someone kill it with fire before it multiplies!

    Good gods what is wrong with the two leggers on this world?

  5. Damn girl… shave those legs, and get dem muffins out of your lady-sack! …Oh, and what could the grey haired old dude behind this “femme fa·tale” possibly be thinking when he decided to snap his picture! More importantly… who’s he going to show it to, his proctologist????

  6. Work it work it, make love to the camara, come on fruitcake you can do it. Let it all hang out that’s it your the mayor you go bitch you go.

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