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The Real History of the Roman Catholic Church

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How Bush DID 9/11: George Bush’s Role in 9/11 EXPOSED

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Ex-Marine Tells The Truth About ISIS!

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Cults Dangerous Devotion Documentary

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Red Neck Shower Alabama Style

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Seniors Gone Wild 2

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Sunday Morning Dreams

I woke up Sunday morning in a cold sweat. I knew I had had a bad nightmare, but could only recall bits and pieces. As the day wore on yesterday, I finally recalled what I dreamed.  

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Too Hot To Handle | Gun Casing Falls Down Girls Shirt

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Bazooka Bra Prank

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Asian Girl Fail. Rotating Drill A Corn Cob Fail. R.I.P Her Hair.

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Dog [Pitbull] Attacks Police Car Rips Off Bumper!!

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Where is The S.a.t.a.n ?

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Birmingham to file lawsuit against 3 of the largest drug wholesalers in U.S. – by Erin Edgemon The city of Birmingham plans to file a federal lawsuit against three of the country’s largest wholesale drug distributors – Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen and McKesson – in an effort to fight the prescription opioid epidemic. … Continue reading

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The Band – The Weight (Take a load off Annie/Fanny)

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How to make Steampunk vacuum tube USB drives

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The Steampunk Roadster

The Steampunk Workshop – by Jake Von Slatt In a few short months The Steampunk Workshop will celebrate it’s 10th birthday! I can barely believe that it’s been ten whole years since this whole “steampunk” thing blew up on the … Continue reading

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The Omega Conspiracy – Full Documentary

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Mother of escaped Walker County inmate arrested

ABC 33 40 – by Stephen Quinn JASPER, Ala. (WBMA) —  A Walker County mother was arrested this week and booked into the same jail a dozen inmates, including her son escaped from in a plot involving peanut butter. Walker County Sheriff … Continue reading

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They Vote!!

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Standing up for the Bill of Rights

Posted comments under YouTube video:  Genesis- The Key To Understanding History and The Future w/ John Gabrielson Koyote Mark1 month ago POLICE OFFICER? THAT MAKES HIS “JOB” ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL. THERES SOME TRUTH FOR YOU. YOUR “PUBLIC POLICY” IS NOT … Continue reading

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