11 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Hey guys, I made a pact with “you know who.” All I have to do to keep up my side of the bargain is lower the age of consent to 12. If I achieve that, I might live forever. By the way, Abe, you might consider not going to the theater tonight.


  2. Is that Lincoln’s wife, or his mother?

    Too bad it’s not a color photo, because it looks like she’s wearing the Satan-worshiper’s red “Rosemary’s Baby” dress, too.

  3. I cannot but express gratitude that the true view of this element of discord among us–as I believe it is–is attracting more and more attention.

    ABRAHAM LINCOLN, speech at Columbus, Ohio, September 16, 1859

  4. CNN Breaking News: Jim Acosta discovers never before seen picture of SCOTUS Justice Ruth Ginsburg with the President of the United States and US Army Chief of Staff…. Amazing!!!!

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