Alex Jones is a tool, and he always has been, but once he became the poster boy for disinformation, his usefulness began to dry up. The Sandy Hook lawsuit is a huge blow to the credibility of the entire truth movement, and this entire debacle involving him being banned from social media will bring the formerly unmentionable topic of censorship into public debate for the sole purpose of curtailing your right to free speech.

After several senators shovel a mountain of dung that attempts to explain why your speech needs to be regulated for your own good, laws will be passed, and some things you might want to say could get you arrested. Of course, you can’t let this silence you. Your unalienable right to free speech is enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and the restoration of these rights is at the heart of this struggle.  

You might call them commies, liberals, yuppies, or just part of the brainwashed herd if you call them anything at all, but regardless of the name chosen, we’re all familiar with their shared behavior when confronted with truth that conflicts with their erroneous perception of how this world operates. Your dire warnings of economic despair and burgeoning tyranny are met with arrogant displays of incredulity, mocking derision of your supposed lack of intellect, and even ostracization when it’s necessary to shield them from reality. They won’t look at proof because it’s the last thing they want to see. They’re clinging to the propaganda-created fictitious reality because all of their opinions, arguments, and much of their personality is based on these false beliefs which many will take to the grave rather than revise.

On the other side of the coin are the criminals, who created and maintain the entire production for the purpose of destroying your freedom, enslaving you, and stealing everything you own. They don’t want to see proof either, because it all adds up to evidence that would send them to the gallows.

Formerly respected institutions of higher learning and journalism now ask us to accept one nonsensical claim after another in order to support the illusion of their “post-truth” world. There will never be an open discussion of the facts, or any honest public debate because these tactics can’t be victorious for them. Anyone with a valid argument would make their point and be proud of it. Censorship concedes defeat, so the debate is over.

Either way, the internet is going the way of the television, meaning that a handful of Zionists will control all content, because it’s their only hope for regaining control of the population. It’s already a tough slog for any website that wants to tell the truth because they’re prevented from being profitable, but the situation will worsen because the intelligence agencies and Zionist-owned tech corporations are beginning to panic. They’re starting to realize just how out-of-control the American people are becoming, and this has all of the politicians, all of the billionaires, and all of their minions shaking in their boots. Basically, everyone who deserves a noose around their neck is beginning to see the possibility of that particular nightmare materializing, so they’ve prioritized the silencing of truth.

They’re going to call it hate speech, incitement of violence, radicalization, subversion of our government, the work of Russian spies, as well as a bad influence on children, but whichever arguments they choose, or in whichever order they choose them, the arguments won’t end until free speech on the internet does.

Their false-flags are no longer effective, much of their disinformation is exposed immediately, and official sources of information have lost all credibility. They’re failing at dividing us, but still trying, and if they can’t get Americans to attack each other, or get the Mexicans to attack Americans, another foreign invasion will be arranged, because all of the tools they regularly employ for controlling us have lost their edge. They’re left with an angry, and unruly population on their hands, who happen to be heavily armed. My guess is that they’ll send the last of their goons to their dooms trying to stop us while they flee to foreign hideaways, and leave us to fight off whatever invasion they’ve arranged for us to suffer.

Facebook, Google, Apple, You-Tube, and Twitter have all identified  themselves as the enemies of America, our Bill of Rights, and truth itself in their recent display of allegiance to those who want you dead. Why you would patronize any of these businesses is beyond me. You should be boycotting all of all of these “services” that scoop up information for the enemy while profiting from your docility, and investing in your demise. They all have competition on the internet, and if you refuse to suffer the slightest inconvenience to lend support for your cause, why should I expect that you’ll be of any help in the impending war?

Please don’t forget that we spread the truth of 9-11 across the country long before Facebook, and Twitter were invented, and we certainly don’t need their help now. Patriots should only be using these services as tools to spread the truth and recruit more people to our side of the fight, but since that’s exactly the activity that’s going to be censored, they’re completely useless, and exist only as enemy camps. A boycott of You-Tube might even prevent an idiot or two from maiming themselves in front of video cameras just to get a few clicks.

Your “social media” should be a dinner table, a barbeque grill, or a deck of cards, because you really need to be strengthening local bonds, and forming civil defense organizations ready to protect your community. The near certainty of war on American soil is the ugliest of the realities we have to face, and it’s one reality that even a lot of “truthers” are trying hard to remain in denial of. People will be coming to kill you. Are you ready to kill them first? That preparedness is a civic duty of all Americans. Grasp the entire reality, and get with the program before it’s too late. — Jolly Roger

“Assassination is the extreme form of censorship” — George Bernard Shaw

16 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. Handing over your phone to a cop for a traffic infraction so to determine if you were texting while driving? It’s the principle of it. No no and no..,.never. Public servants do as we say – not as we do.,,,,.never!.

    1. Peter if you get out of your car saying “Public servants do as we say” your a dead man, but you may be lucky enough not to get shot.

  2. Here you are Jr, The NFL will be used read this: “Jacksonville Landing shooting kills at least 4, sources say; gunfire heard at gaming tournament”

    This thing in Jacksonville sinks!

  3. “… laws will be passed, and some things you might want to say could get you arrested.”

    Or get the enemy force in occupation killed trying.

    “Basically, everyone who deserves a noose around their neck is beginning to see the possibility of that particular nightmare materializing, so they’ve prioritized the silencing of truth.”

    Their WORST nightmare is the astronomical number of guns in this country.

    “People will be coming to kill you.”

    Sarah Fenn: “What are you going to do?”

    Bob Lee Swagger: “Exercise my right to bear arms.”

    Bob Lee Swagger: “There’s going to be more shooting, more people are going to die. I didn’t start it, but I mean to see it through.”


  4. “Their false flags are no longer effective”

    I beg to differ.

    What about the coming one in Syria? Number….4..is it? ‘Poison gas attack by Assad!’


    What difference does it make? The US military LOVES to invade countries illegally, follow unconstitutional orders, and kill civilians.

    I think the invaded, wounded, and dead would argue it’s QUITE ‘effective’.

    No disrespect intended. People MAY be waking up – a few at least – but ‘selling it’ to a stupid nation is no longer necessary to get their war, replace leaders or whole governments, steal resources – or like in the Ukraine – put missiles on Russia’s doorstep and then fill the web with stories of ‘brave Ukrainians fighting against Russia.

    I suggest reading the comments below those articles or videos. I’d say ‘their’ FF’s and propaganda work quite well, even allowing for the hired shills posting in support.

    1. Yeah, seems they’re making existence itself a false flag, I mean any existence that’s not complicity or slavery. To keep us terrorized, that is true terrorism. I bet when they get together and socialize they all wear matching t-shirts that say:


      …and in very tiny print below that: and only we know.

      Too bad so many buy in and sadly, so many innocents die.

      It just occurred to me that anything that doesn’t support The Bill of Rights is a False Flag. And like we learned back in third grade when studying antonyms: The opposite of false is TRUE.


  5. alex jones is just the test case before the election. if they succeed in censoring him, they will move on to the next bunch.

    julian assange was already “censored”. then smeared. just like jones.

    but most of the stuff that needs to be told has either been censored or smeared to make it easier for the full denial of information to work.

    natural medicine

    i’m sure, in the not to distant future, boycott or not, i will wake up and this website will not be here.

    8 or 10 years ago i closed my facebook account because they deleted the accounts of a bunch of alternative news people who had posted a quote of ghandi promoting firearms ownership. they re-instated them the next day but for me the writing was on the wall .
    now, i have made aliases on facebook so i can post comments to boards. i purposely give false and conflicting data to confuse their algorythms. using the cloward and privin approach to social media.

    1. I don’t use facebook news sites or post on those sites or other social platforms, but I agree if you use facebook,screw their algos. what I do is go to sites like FTTWR, then sports sites, then youtube music videos, then Bible sites, then places like yahoo, then youtube cute animal videos, then weather, then email, etc., again, to screw their alogrithms. In this world, you MUST BE CLANDESTINE!

      If the left and criminal psychos can use Cloward-Priven… and if FTTWR is ever taken down, I just might have a heart attack!

  6. We have been censored in almost every aspect of life, whether it be what you can say, what and where you can smoke, how fast you can drive, how and when you can get your money, what you can say in public, what you can drink in public, what you can wear in public, whether or not you can be strapped in public, etc.

    We have been conditioned…

    Right on Jolly

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