Ceramic Water Filters Now Manufactured in the USA


A heartfelt wish of many folks in the US is to have more products manufactured here instead of being imported. This is especially true in the current economic times. Just Water, LLC is very proud to announce that they have successfully ‘on-shored’ the production of ceramic water filters and will very shortly be rolling out various products that use these. Homespun Environmental, LLC is equally proud to announce that they are the very first distributor to have these US made ceramic water filters available on their website. Both companies have worked hard to meet customer’s needs and having US made products was high on that list.


Ceramic water filters have been used extensively for many years in third world disaster situations with NGOs and missionary groups. They have been credited with reducing water borne diseases that have plagued many parts of the world. In the US they are becoming increasingly popular with ’preppers’, hunters and campers, folks who are interested in living ‘off-the-grid’ and also those wanting to prepare for natural disasters that might knock out water treatment facilities.


For more information on these filters please see: http://www.homespunenvironmental.com/v/vspfiles/SDIY.pdf


We are phasing in these new products so currently only the standard ‘4×4’ filters and kits that use those have US made filters as an ordering option. In the near future other products will also be available in US made versions.


Homespun Environmental is a small business catering to the DIY ‘prepper’ market for ceramic water filters. DIY (Doing it yourself) allows for much lower prices and systems that can be customized to particular circumstances and needs. They offer individual components, affordable, emergency water filter kits, and systems for the outdoor sportsman.

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4 thoughts on “Ceramic Water Filters Now Manufactured in the USA

  1. That is all very nice but it does not change the fact that until this country starts using tariffs and taxes on companies that do their business overseas, no company here will be able to compete with the slave labor rates over in China, Mexico, etc.

    1. Are you forgetting about all of that slave labor that they use in the american prisons? They could easily compete with all of that slave labor over in China and Mexico,India, etc.

      1. Using prison populations would only benefit the corporations they work for. What does it matter at this point? The dollar’s collapse is imminent, there is no way to mathematically make it balance out. Sometimes the crap has to hit the fan before the clean-up can start.

        1. Ya know Sunfire, I cannot wait for the collaps of the dollar. Then the ptb will have to start to do to each other like they have been doing for years to the people that have been working in the sweat shops in Mexico, China , And India not to forget about the many sweat shops right here in the good old USof A of which there are many many sweat shops here. In other words – go to a FEMA camp or get one of those 40 cal. hollow piont to the head is what I meant and when there is most of the population in prison FEMA is when there will be no need for american competition with foreign business. Then camp FEMA will be that big american bisuniess.

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