Charges filed against escaped Michigan prisoner

Michael David

IONIA, Mich. (AP) — A convicted killer captured after a one-day escape from a Michigan prison has been charged with kidnapping, carjacking and escape.

The Ionia County District Court says charges were filed Monday while authorities were still hunting for Michael David Elliot. He was captured Monday night in a stolen car in LaPorte County, Ind., more than 150 miles from the Ionia prison.  

Elliot is accused of escaping through two prison fences Sunday night and then carjacking a Jeep with a woman inside. The woman escaped when they stopped for gas in Middlebury, Ind. The Jeep was later found abandoned in nearby Shipshewana, Ind.

Elliot has been serving a no-parole sentence for four murders in Michigan since 1994.

One thought on “Charges filed against escaped Michigan prisoner

  1. He had to have help
    grounds worker?
    money changed hands to put those holes in those fences, he didn’t do it, but they were made for him.

    as we see how corrupt our own government is, the prison system is just as corrupt or worse

    ask yourself , how do drugs get into the prison? sure as heck isn’t the inmates..they are strip searched and the people visiting them cant possibly bring in anything , they are searched and don’t have any contact with the guess who is bringing it into the facility..the help, the guards, the establishment is bringing it in ..for profit.

    It will never be investigated, because its dirty all the way to the top

    this guy paid for those holes in the fences, and some guard got the money for it, and to look the other way, end of story

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