Charred Body Removed From Cabin Where Police Stand-Off Took Place – Video Reports: Dorner?

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

A charred body has been removed from the location where Christopher Dorner may have spent his last moments on Earth. At this time, authorities have not positively identified the remains as those of Chris Dorner though the LAPD has stated, of the remains, “is the body of Christopher Dorner”. The next stage of the police state has been unrolled as an American citizen was executed by his government, once again in a fashion reminiscent of Waco, Texas, without having the opportunity to defend himself in court. Meanwhile Americans rights were violated without cause. Will this set a precedent as we venture forward into an Amerikkka with everpresent drones in the sky and spy-cameras around every corner?

9 thoughts on “Charred Body Removed From Cabin Where Police Stand-Off Took Place – Video Reports: Dorner?

  1. Oh! But they found his ID or license UNTOUCHED and not burned to a crisp, just like the 9/11 hijackers passports!! Imagine that!!!

  2. Anyone remember how last month Joe Biden was talking about “assault rifles” being a danger to the police, and now a month later we have this incident where several cops are killed by ‘someone(s)’ with an assault rifle.


    1. Yes you are so right, there was no way the cops were going to take him alive… this sure feel like has ops all over it . This was one man, if they try to take guns the cops won’t last a week

  3. ” It may take several days to confirm the charred remains are those of Dorner.”
    This is a statement from investigative spokespeople for this incident, as reported on a MSM site.
    Those are the key words to know that
    1) There is more to the story than is being told(surprise surprise..puke)
    2) You will never know what that story is within ANY realm of truth.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

    1. Yes and it is why Dorner did what he did.. I was a little sad to see him go so fast, I thought he would have got more of them….Get the GAS and burn it down…. is what they said. proves what Dorner was saying was true. Most cops are very sick and should be locked up

    2. Ha Ha ha I cannot believe what I am hearing Wizzerd67, can ya? Has every one forgot how many times that Bin Ladden was killed. we cannot belive a word that the police and the MSM say and report on.

  4. I don’t think it was him.
    they shot two women, earlier in the day, and messed up their truck w bullet holes…they were jumping at anyone…..

    also, they lie all the time. what makes me believe them now, when they lied before? I can’t tell if they are lying now, or before? either way, they have told me plenty of lies, so nothing they say is true….

    so, this guy is still out there. he will come after them, as he said he would. they may think they got him,but they are lying again.

  5. The ONLY way this operation could have been successfully concluded is with a body that was burned beyond recognition.

    They couldn’t afford to have an IDENTIFIABLE body now, could they?

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