Chemtrails from Martist


Good morning Trenchers from the Filthydelphia suburban area! I think precipitation is coming as the skies are smeary with a chance of stripes. Closest commercial airport is 30 miles away. Closest military airfield is about 25 miles away and is closed but still showing signs of activity.

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5 thoughts on “Chemtrails from Martist

  1. The U.S. has become a nation of false flags, murderers, thieves, rigged elections, growing poor, growing 1/10th of 1% super rich, debt ridden on a national and personal level….just unbelievable I’d see this in my lifetime. Probably most of this, if not all, is due to and by and perpetuated by the 1/10 of 1% super rich, they’re the only ones who could’ve done this. They bought our government.

  2. Couldn’t see the chemtrails today here in Dallas because it is all cloudy and looks like something out of Silent Hill. I think I’ve seen the sun ONCE in the past two weeks. WTF?

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