Chemtrails Have Stopped – Or Have They?

As I travel around America, I have been looking for chemtrails and can’t seem to find any. I guess they have served their purpose. Usually, they are all over the place.

As airline traffic has basically stopped, could the doctor Frankensteins of our world backed off from implementing them for fear of being caught? Were they using the regular daily traffic as cover?

Please respond with pics if you find any up there, by now, you should know what they look like.


From Katie – This is three days ago in Texas:

14 thoughts on “Chemtrails Have Stopped – Or Have They?

  1. They were spraying here yesterday, but not as much as normal.
    Seems they’ve been laying back somewhat, but not stopping. Didn’t take photos though, and it is cloudy today.

  2. Here in Maine, I haven’t noticed any for some time. Our temps have been 10 degrees cooler since, we have 6 inches of snow coming May 9th , by average snow stops in late March early April

  3. I’m in the greater Boston area and I haven’t noticed any in at least 3 days (they may have stopped earlier but just noticing now.) Usually it’s every time I look up so after three days of being aware of it I searched online and found your site. Hopefully this terrible experiment is over!

    1. It will not stop until WE stop it.

      Poisoning US for decades and murdering the earth as well as US doesn’t end there, it only worsens unchecked.

      Welcome, Jeremy, and know the ballot box and jury box are useless, it is the BULLET box you have left if you want to see change. Otherwise, being a “citizen” chattel is your only other option.

      It is not an experiment, it is a means to our end with a high price tag that they are billing US for with our wealth, health, freedom and our lives as well as our families.

      What experiment do you think they have our consent for or authority to do this to US?

      WE have given NO such consent nor do they have the authority to do ANY of these things as WE are not subjects, citizens or lab rats.

      WE are free American Nationals with Natural Law enumerated in the Bill of Rights and they are murderous commie scumbag traitors.

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