Child needs therapy after day care ‘fight club,’ lawsuit says

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CRANFORD — He was an active, healthy 4-year-old boy until one day in August 2015 when he was at the Lightbridge Academy child care center, according to his parents.

On that day, two workers at the center, Erica Kenny and Chanese White urged children to fight, and threatened pre-schoolers if they did not, according to a lawsuit filed in Superior Court.  

The children were also warned not to tell their parents about what one of the workers referred to as the ‘fight club,” the lawsuit said.

“Under White, Kenny and Lightbridge’s care, (the son) was forced to gather with a dozen other children ages 4-6, and all were taunted and forced to ‘fight’ each other for the morbid enjoyment of White and Kenny,’ the suit states.

Other Lightbridge employee became aware of the incident and alerted police.  Kenny and White subsequently were charged, and later pleaded guilty to child abuse charges.

Summit police Detective Matthew Tarentino, who died in a crash May 30, was known for his dedicated public service

The child, who is only identified by initials, has been undergoing continuing therapy for severe emotional distress from the incident, according to the lawsuit filed June 12.

“He continues to have night tremors,” said Jamison Mark, the Basking Ridge lawyer representing the parents who filed suit against Lightbridge and White and Kenny.

“Unfortunately he lashes out in school. He is something of an intimidator, a tough kid but in a bad way,” Jamison said.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Lightbridge and the two former workers. In March, another parent filed suit claiming her daughter suffered severe psychological emotion and physical disability from the incident.

In the suit filed earlier this month, the parents, Tina Butler and Luis Bonifaz, claim their son continues to suffer because Lightbridge failed to provide a safe environment.

Union County authorities said Kenny recorded video of the fights with her cell phone and shared the video clips with several friends on social media via the Snapchat app.

Kenny was heard calling it a “Fight Club,” quoting from the book and movie of the same name, as she encouraged the children to engage each other, authorities said.

Approximately a dozen boys and girls at the day care center could be seen in the video clips shoving each other to the ground and attempting to strike each other, authorities said.

They said none of the children is believed to have suffered any serious physical injuries.

When other Lightbridge employees learned of the incident, Kenny and White were first suspended and then fired from their jobs.

In the most recent suit, the parents said children were threatened with injury if they did not participate in the “fight,” and that they were told not to tell their parents.

“They were told to keep quiet,” Mark said.

Breand Febbo, chief marketing officer for Lightbridge, said the company has not yet seen the lawsuit and can not comment on it.

White, when reached by phone, declined to comment. Attempts to reach Kenny were unsuccessful.

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  1. why are people having kids only to hand them off to others ‘to raise’…..why a lawsuit……..momma you need to beat the shit out of those two biotches then stay home and take care of YOUR child…..oh no hand him off again to the rapist (therapist)

  2. And yet idiot breeders will keep taking, and putting their Brats in a system that rewards stupidity and laziness of the parents
    By dumbing their brats down to a level even lower than those who are raising them,
    If that is even possible

    And we wonder why we have the likes of the loser politicians and other fools of this world , running shit into the ground

  3. The brainwashed sheep have us surrounded, They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, and they absolutely will not stop, until we are under communist totalitarian rule.

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