China Successfully Flies STEALTH DRONE For The First Time

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China successfully flew a stealth drone for the first time on Thursday, state media said, citing eyewitness reports.

A drone, called “Sharp Sword” by the media, made a test flight for around 20 minutes in Chengdu, reports said.  

Will China’s New Stealth Drone Fly From Aircraft Carriers?

Beijing’s first “UFO-like” stealth combat drone conducted its first flight test on Thursday.

China conducted the maiden test flight for its first stealth combat drone, state media reported on Friday.

The reports said that the Lijian or Sharp Sword took off from an undisclosed location in southwest China on Thursday at 1 PM and flew for about 20 minutes.  Images of a Sharp Sword prototype first appeared online back in May. At the time, state media referred to it as “China’s UFO-like stealth drone.”

China Daily compared the Sharp Sword to the United States’ Northrop Grumman X-47 series and the European nEUROn stealth drones. In this sense, the Sharp Sword may be intended to act as China’s first carrier-borne unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

Indeed, China Daily quoted a Chinese military analyst as saying of the Sharp Sword: Full Article ]

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