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Christopher Bollyn Embarrasses Angry Jew During Q&A

Published on Oct 14, 2017 by Zionist Report

Interesting to see how the tribe goes out of their way to cover their crimes. Truly revolting!

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13 Responses to Christopher Bollyn Embarrasses Angry Jew During Q&A

  1. mary in ND says:

    See ‘Consider’ post below

  2. Peter says:

    Just always question authority…ask questions…ask questions no matter how far fetched. Prove to your OWN MIND that you yourself are awake and aware with facts while everyone else ( the sheep ?) are in disagreement with you. Fight forever with conspiracy theories and conjecture…Keep the mind active lest you be herded to a slaughter with the gullible. Some day in America the very act of standing up or taking a knee in disagreement to any issue ( 1st amendment ) could me made illegal and punishable. Most importantly it is often said the Jews run this the Jews run that BUT WHO SOLD OUT TO THEM ? Don’t sell out no matter how much money they offer…but way too late now.

    • galen says:

      Good counsel. And yes, it can appear to be “too late.” Yet I think of Aragorn’s words in The Lord of the Rings, where he says something like:

      Even without hope we fight.

      I couldn’t find the actual quote which is much more eloquent.


    • DL. says:

      “…but who sold out to them?” EXACTLY! Now if folks want to blame everything on the Jews, fine. But, as Jesus Christ told the “multitude” (of Jews) during a sermon (see Matthew 7), before you can pull the mote out of a brother’s eye you have to pull the beam out of your own (verse 3 and 4) or else you are a hypocrite. So why is everything the fault of “the Jews”? Because we allow the Jews to do what they do, as if we think we have no power over “the Jews” (and I don’t mean average Jews, I mean the synagogue of Satan and their unholy book, the Talmud). In other words, blame yourself for selling out to “the Jews”.

      • galen says:

        Yet he knew when to turn over the tables and when to command, “Sell your cloak and buy a sword.”

        Unless the source of our oppression is uncloaked (accidental pun) it will continue its ruthless path. I don’t want this blame. And this is not to say that I am without numerous instances of stupidity and shortsightedness; I call myself The Queen of Mistakes! But I recognize dark energy when I see it. Born overly sensitive. I don’t care what race or religion a person is; a perp is a perp. And just ’cause we have a mote in one eye (which I most certainly do from time to time) doesn’t mean I can’t see out of the other one. Jus’ sayin’.


    • cynicles says:

      Peter, your ‘link’ brings up nothing FYI

  3. Wade. says:

    Ashkenazi European scum, they are not the true jews. They are a parasitic tribe that ascended from the bowels of hell to dominate and destroy everything that is wholesome, I think I’ll have another beer! Who’s with me? Flee?

  4. Wade. says:

    Right on.

  5. NC says:

    That dumbass Jew said we were in other countries to help them with our form of government known as democracy. Evidently, the dumbass never read what our form of government is which is a Constitutional Republic!!!

    In addition to that his friend stated she will not listen to them talk bad about her people. Seriously? Her people? Is she a Jew or an American? These friggin Jews will never understand that you can’t be both.

    I may be of Italian decent but I don’t consider myself to be a person from Italy nor will I ever because I was born in America and will always be an American.

    Why is it so hard for them Jews to understand that concept. Oh that’s right, they only care about themselves.

  6. galen says:

    Neposodic Episode

    Dismissiveness for the rest of us
    when nepotism struts its stuff
    A dead door dismissing life
    pushing it to the wall of exclusion

    It’s a closed club with no admittance
    a locked gate of fake security
    occasional charity to offset anarchy

    A whispered rejection with hand-shake and smile
    all the while conveying this: 
    You can’t measure up – you’re not one of us

    The cold rejection of we the others
    disdained by those who throw us away
    unless we may perhaps advance them
    in spite of our gene pool or our worth

    Their world is ‘Us, Our, We’
    drenched in stench of supremacy
    born of a fear sustained by a wound
    one that is never allowed to heal
    while we pay for crimes we didn’t commit
    surrendering our days to assigned subservience
    Yet some are deciding not to serve

    And they, blind to the arrogance of elitism
    stir me to storm their privileged lives
    with mockery and menacing misfortune
    Yet I will not, as they have done
    turn from honor and abuse the other

    Necessity taps me on the shoulder
    reminding to stand when standing’s required
    To life I nod in full agreement
    And there my hand, my honest hand
    I extend forever and I go on



  7. cynicles says:

    Went to the “zionist report” per the video and found: :”This channel doesn’t have any content”

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